12 Best Baby Knee Pads for Crawling and Walking

Once your baby shows signs of getting mobile, you will want to get some baby knee pads. Babies tend to crawl and scoot around as much as they can. This can lead to some raw/red or scraped knees. Baby knee pads will help protect your baby’s sensitive skin and make them more confident in their crawling adventures. 

How can I protect my baby’s knees?

Protect your baby’s knees with knee pads made for babies. Baby knee pads are a layer of extra protection and padding that can go directly on your baby’s legs or over their clothes. Some baby knee pads are even built into the pants themselves. 

Best Baby Knee Pads 

We have come up with a list of the best baby knee pads available. We have included pants with knee pads, anti-slip knee pads, cute baby knee pads, and more. 

1. IUME Baby Crawling Pads

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IUME baby knee pads protect baby’s knee when they are crawling or learning to walk. These knee pads are made of and stretch to fit over your baby’s leg. There are small silicon dots in a circle around the middle of the knee pad to create an anti-slip area where their knees contact the ground when crawling. 

The pads have high elasticity so they can fit over most babies legs. These knee pads are breathable, durable, and soft. They are machine washable and dryer safe. These come in a pack of 5 and have two different color options. High-quality silicone keep these knee pad anti-slip. 

What we like

  • durable
  • anti-slip
  • stretchy breathable fabric

What we don’t 

  • tight on chunky baby legs


These 5 pk of baby knee pads ensure you always have a pair on hand for your little mover. The fabric is soft and stretchy. When they get dirty, toss them in the wash. Knee pads will protect your baby’s knees no matter the surface they are on. 

2. Bosoner Unisex Baby Toddlers Kneepads

BOSONER Baby Knee Pads for Crawling: Anti-Slip Infant Knee Pads for Crawlers - 5 Pairs Leg Warmers for 6-24 Months
  • ♥ Repeated Use: These baby knee pads can protect your baby's knees...
  • ♥ Soft Cotton fabric: The baby crawling knee pads design of...
  • ♥ Anti-slip Design: Tiny anti-slip dots on the crawling pads that...

Bosoner Kneepads are made of high-quality materials that are breathable, sweat absorbing, and durable. These knee pads stretch to fit over your baby’s knees to protect their knees from bumps and bruises while they learn to crawl. The breathable material allows for ventilation around the knees to avoid any friction or discomfort from sweat. 

Baby knee pads prevent your baby from rubbing their delicate knees on the ground while crawling around. The Bosoner Kneepads are super elastic and fit most babies. They come in a 5 pk with a variety of colors. Keeps your baby’s knees well protected while they explore. 

What we like

  • good quality material 
  • anti-slip
  • breathable

What we don’t 

  • need to be hand-washed 


These knee pads are soft and well made. They fit most babies’ legs with their adjustable elasticity. The anti-slip pads ensure your baby’s safety while they cruise around. 

3. Satinior Crawling Knee Pads

The Satinior Knee Pads protect your baby’s legs while they learn to crawl. These are breathable and comfortable. The soft cotton material keeps your baby’s legs warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The anti-skid grid keeps your baby crawling with confidence and keeps them from sliding. 

They come in a pack of 6 and have a variety of colors to choose from. These are pull-on knee pads that slide over the baby’s legs. Some users found them not to be elastic enough because once the fabric stretched over the baby’s leg, they would stay loose and tend to roll down. 

What we like

  • variety of colors
  • soft cotton fabric
  • anti-skid grip

What we don’t 

  • Slip and roll on legs
  • need to be hand-washed


These breathable knee pads keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Each pack contains six knee pads and comes in a variety of color packs. Some users found these to stretch out too easily and not elastic enough. 

4. Simply Kids Baby Knee Pads

Simply Kids Toddler Knee Pads for Crawling Walking (2 Pairs) - Baby Knee Protector for Toddler, Infant, Girl, Boy, Crawler - Rodilleras para Bebe
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Prevent bruised needs on your baby with these super durable baby and toddler knee pads. These knee pads are built to protect. The thick pad ensures your little one’s knees stay uninjured. They have an adjustable fit with velcro straps, so you can adjust them as your baby grows. 

Protect knees when they are learning to crawl and when they are learning to walk and prone to falling. They come in a 2 pack and have a wide variety of colors and patterns. These knee pads are machine washable and made from breathable fabric. 

What we like

  • variety of colors and patterns
  • thick pad for protection
  • adjustable to grow with your child

What we don’t 

  • 1st generation don’t have anti-slip


Babies will love these adorable knee pads. They have adjustable velcro straps to adjust as your baby grows, making them great for babies with chunkier legs. The thick pad gives plenty of protection if they fall from standing. 

5. Hidetex Baby Knee Pads 

Hidetex Baby Knee Pads for Crawling – Infant Kneepads, Adjustable Elastic Leg Warmers, Anti-Slip Leg Protector for Unisex Toddlers(5 Pairs)
  • Protective and Anti-slip - Hidetex baby knee pads can protect baby...
  • Elastic and Extensible - The material of Hidetex baby knee pads has...
  • Fits Most Babies - Hidetex Baby knee pads are unisex and fits most...

Hidetex baby leg protectors are the perfect gift for babies learning to crawl. They are elastic and fit over most babies’ legs. The unstretched circumference is approximately 5.9 inches, and the round anti-slip pad in the middle measures 3 inches in diameter. 

There is not much padding, but they are perfect for protecting little knees from scrapes and bruises while your little one learns to crawl. They are machine washable and dryer safe. These knee pads come in a pack of 5 and a variety of colors. 

What we like

  • no miss shaping
  • machine washable
  • stay in place

What we don’t 

  • only comes in one variety color choice
  • no thick padding
  • not for chunky legs


Adorable gift for new crawlers. These protect your baby’s leg from scrapes and bruises while they are learning to crawl. The round anti-slip pad in the middle keeps your little ones steady as they crawl. Stretchy and breathable. 

6. Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee and Anti Slip Unisex Baby Toddlers Kneepads

BOSONER Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee and Socks for Boys And Girls Best Infant Gift, Unisex Baby Toddlers Kneepads (Blue Pink Grey) 6-24 Months
  • Lovely And Beautiful Knee Pads For Babys: comes with 3 pairs of baby...
  • Design of high elastic sponge, very breathable, absorb sweat, durable...
  • Size:The knee pads are unisex and fits most babies, Usual for 6-24...

BOSONER baby knee pads very soft to wear. Protect your baby’s knees from bruises and scrapes when they are curiously crawling and learning to walk. These knee pads ensure that your baby can roam around securely and well-protected.

BOSONER baby knee pads are made of premium, high-quality materials, breathable, absorb sweat, and limit odor. The material allows ventilation around the knees to eliminate discomfort. These can endure as much crawling time as your baby would want.

What we like

  • anti-skid
  • soft material
  • breathable

What we don’t 

  • not for chunky legs
  • they can roll down


These knee pads are unisex and fit most babies from 6-24 months. Three pairs of knee pads with 3 pairs of socks are included in each set. The design of these knee pads is very breathable, durable, and soft. Protect your baby’s knees from bruises when they are learning to crawl and walk.

7. Sevi Baby Protective Pants for Babies, Padded Pants for Toddler

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These pants fit babies 19-33 lbs. They are made from soft premium fabric with maximum elasticity so they can grow with a baby. There are protective cushions on the knees and the bottom.

These don’t roll or fall off like typical knee pads. They are well padded to protect your baby’s knees, and also the cushion will protect their bottom once they start walking and falling.

What we like

  • protects knees and bottom
  • soft light fabric
  • durable

What we don’t 

  • limited colors


These protective pants have built-in baby knee pads. The anti-slip area helps make crawling safer and easier. Once your baby starts learning to walk, cushioned pads will protect their backside with cushioned pads. They can fall on their butts without getting hurt.

8. NEPAK Anti-slip Baby Crawling Knee Pads

These unisex baby knee pads are elastic, so they fit every baby leg perfectly. They protect the baby’s knees from bruises and scrapes when they are learning to crawl and walk. The knee pads fit most babies 6-24 months.

They are machine washable and dryer safe, making them easy to clean and reuse. These knee socks fit babies of all sizes, and they keep their shape and structure over time and use. The non-slip dots ensure the baby can safely crawl around any surface.

What we like

  • machine washable
  • durable and soft

What we don’t 

  • not for chunky legs


The Nepak crawling knee pads are unisex and stretch to fit the baby. These knee pads can grow with your baby since they are super stretchy. Protect your baby’s knee once they start trying to crawl. Busy babies can bang up their knees once they start crawling if they don’t have anything to protect them. These protective pads are the perfect solution.

9. Baby knee pads with anti grip/Cotton knee protector

protection pads for crawling babies
Baby Knee Pads via Etsy

These knee pads have an anti-slip pattern to make sure your baby can safely crawl on any floor surface. As your baby learns to crawl, these protection pads ensure they don’t get bruised knees in the process.

They come in one size and stretch to fit babies from about 6-24 months. Later on, they can double as elbow pads when your child learns to ride a bike or scooter. They are machine washable and dryer safe.

What we like

  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Anti-slip

What we don’t 

  • long shipping time


Adorable cotton baby knee protector pads available in multiple colors. These have an anti-slip design so that your baby will be safe crawling on any surface. Protects your baby’s knees against bumps and bruises while they are exploring and learning to crawl. They stretch to fit most babies from 6-24 months.

10. Baby Pants with Knee Pads – Blue teddy

pants with protective pad on knees
Baby Pants with Character Knee Pads via Etsy

These baby pants have built in knee pads for all the protection and padding a crawling baby needs. The design includes a “crinkle” fabric in the knee to add some fun and stimulation for your crawling toddler.

They are 100% cotton and are machine washable. Lay flat to dry. Available with different characters and some seasonal designs as well. The pants have a drawstring so they can adjust for your baby’s size.

What we like

  • 100% Cotton
  • machine washable
  • different characters available

What we don’t 

  • need to lay flat to dry
  • run small


These pants are perfect for babies just learning to crawl. They have a drawstring waist to help the pants adjust to your child. They come with cute knee pad designs and other colors. Users have found they run small, so you may want to size up. The seller was accommodating in exchanging sizes when needed.

11. Breathable Baby Knee/Elbow Anti-Slip Pads

baby knee pads
Personalized Baby Knee Pads via Etsy

Babies get so many bumps and bruises on their knees when learning to be mobile. You can help your little one avoid that by protecting their knees with these knee pads when learning how to move and crawl.

These are unisex and fit most babies from 6-24 months old. These can be personalized if you want with different fonts. They are anti-slip, so your baby can crawl comfortably without slipping. Comes in a variety of colors.

What we like

  • Able to personalize
  • Anti-slip
  • Durable

What we don’t 

  • Not for chunky leg


These handmade knee pads are perfect for protecting your baby’s knees while they learn to crawl. You can personalize them, making them a perfect baby shower gift or gift for a baby. They are durable enough for machine washing, but it is recommended to wash them on delicate to make them last longer.

DIY Knee Pads

Want to make your own knee pads with a particular fabric? This next item is perfect. It comes with a pattern to sew your own knee pads for your baby.

12. Knee Pad Sewing Pattern/PDF Sewing Pattern – Baby, Kid, Toddler, Infant, Child

DIY baby knee pad
PDF pattern for DIY baby knee pads via Etsy

This is not a finished product but a PDF file with a pattern to make your own baby knee pads. It comes with two different options a circle or a cat. Customize some knee pads for your baby or as a gift for someone else.

It can be made for sizes from premie to 12 years old. The download comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. You can use a light to medium weight fabric. The amount of fabric needed depends on the size being made.

FAQ’s of baby knee pads

1. What is baby knee pads, and why do you need them?

Baby knee pads are usually elastic bands of fabric with a reinforced center that slip over your baby’s knee. This protects their knees from getting bruised, scraped, or carpet burn while learning to crawl.

When babies start to crawl, they slide their legs to move forward and get red knees or bruises. The grips and anti-slid center helps them to crawl and not slide.

2. What are the different types of baby crawling pads?

There are a few different types of knee pads for babies. There most common is the sleeve of elastic material that slips over the baby’s legs and rest over the knee. Some have anti-slip grips in the middle that are over the knee.

Another type is adjustable and velcro behind the knee and tends to have a protective pad at the knee. These are similar to ones that are used for safety equipment for biking.

Another type is pants that have extra padding in the knee area. Some pants have extra fabric over the knee to give some extra padding, and others have an actual knee pad sewn on.

3. What are the benefits of using baby knee pads?

Baby knee pads prevent your baby from banging up their knees while crawling. Hard surfaces can cause bruises or scrapes, and carpet can cause rug burn. Having your baby wear knee pads keeps their delicate knees safe.

4. Things to look for in protective pads for baby:

  • Material- is it breathable, does it wick away moisture from the skin, does it stretch and reshape
  • Adjustable- is it elastic and stretchy, or does it adjust with velcro behind the knee
  • Easy to put on- are they stretchy enough to slide over the leg and then reshape
  • Durable- will they hold up to your baby crawling for a long time

5. Are knee pads good for babies?

Your baby’s skin is sensitive and delicate. Knee pads can help protect their knees when they are learning to crawl. The extra layer of padding and protection can help prevent their knees from getting red and raw, or bruised. Even the softest surface, like carpet, can irritate a baby’s knee when rubbing a lot during their early days of crawling.

6. Should babies wear knee pads when crawling?

Babies tend to slide their legs when crawling, and they don’t pick up their legs. The sliding motion can lead to rubbing and irritation on their knees. When they are learning to crawl or crawling on a rough surface, protective pads on their knees can help prevent that.

7. Do baby knee pads protect babies during outdoor crawling?

Baby knee pads protect babies where ever they may be crawling. When you use them outside, you want to make sure you have a breathable pair if they end up sweating more. It would help if you also looked for a machine washable pair so you can easily toss them in the wash when they get dirty outside.

8. How do you wash baby knee pads?

Check the manufacturers’ recommendations for the pads you decide to get. Most of them are machine washable but may require cold water only or a gentle cycle. If the pads have anti-slip protectors, you may need to wash them inside out. A few brands need to be line dried, but some are dryer safe too on low heat.


Baby knee pads are important for babies that are learning to crawl. These knee pads are made for babies to protect their knees from bumps, bruises, rug burns, and scraps that may happen while learning to crawl and navigating their environment.

You want to look for a pair that is breathable and easy to put on. Some brands slide over the baby’s leg and are worn over the knee. Other brands attach over the knee and are secured like diapers or knee pads used in bike/scooter protection. These are usually adjustable. You want them to be easy to clean since your baby will be exploring a lot.

The top picks we have included in this post are all breathable and durable. They are soft on babies’ skin and comfortable to wear.

12 Best Baby Knee Pads for Crawling and Walking