The Definition of a Good Mother: 10 Tips to Get There

There is no standard definition of what makes a good mother. There can’t be a standard definition because all mothers are different. Some mothers are at home with the kids, some work full-time outside the house, and others do both. Some women breastfeed their babies while others use formula. Some mothers gave birth, and others opened their arms and took a child in as their own.

The ideal definition of a good mother would include all these different types of moms. The description of a good mother should respect each woman’s decision to be who she wants to be as a mom and not try to box every mother into a single box.  

What Does it Mean to Be a Good Mother?

In our society, being a good mother should be the most respected job in the world. So, how should we define a good mother? It’s hard to answer this question because there are so many different ways of being a good mother. Some mothers focus on raising their children with strong morals and values. Others emphasized giving their kids every opportunity they can afford – whether that means enrolling them in private schools or buying them designer clothes.

Still, others believe all they have to do is love their kids unconditionally and raise them as best they can while keeping themselves healthy enough to take care of everyone else first. Which one of these women sounds like she deserves your respect for doing her job well? 

The answer is easy: All of them! Being a good mom isn’t about how much money you spend or how many opportunities you give your child; it’s about loving your kid no matter what, teaching them right from wrong, and helping them become their best self and not what you think they should be.

Tips To Being A Good Mother

Being a good mother means guiding your children to become their best selves while ensuring you are your best self. It is easy to get carried away in motherhood and forget to take care of yourself.  Here are some tips on how you can become a better mom and get to where you want to be:

1. Take Time for Yourself  

Selfcare is the most important tip for being a good mother because if you are not your best self, how can you expect to raise healthy, happy children? Practicing self-care is one piece of advice I wish I could have told my pre-mom self.

mom reading a book enjoying some self time

Sometimes making time for yourself means saying “no” to your kids. If you have a spare moment to yourself, feel free to take a bubble bath or read a book for ten minutes.

2. Love them Unconditionally  

One of the biggest mistakes new moms make is trying too hard to be perfect. You will make mistakes, so don’t dwell on them and remember why you became a mother in the first place. Loving your children unconditionally doesn’t mean giving in to everything they want at all times.

Unconditional love means you support them through all their decisions in life, whether you agree or not. It means you love them without any conditions and without expecting anything in return.

3. Take Care of Your Body  

Eating right and getting enough sleep is not only good for your physical health, but it also makes you feel better about yourself when you are well-rested and eating healthy foods. Not to mention kids take a lot of energy. Having more energy and better physical health won’t make it feel like as much of a struggle when you have to run after your toddler for the 50th time that day.

4. Teach them What’s Right and Wrong

Teaching your children right from wrong doesn’t just happen when you give them a lecture about it. It’s also the little things you do that show them how to behave responsibly, take care of others, and respect themselves. Kids learn best by example.

You can start teaching them at a very early age just by showing them in your daily life. Through kindness, compassion towards others,  and being a good role model, you will teach them to become the next generation of strong men and women.

5. Give them Opportunities but don’t Over-Schedule  

Allowing your kids to participate in activities is excellent, as long as they enjoy it. It’s okay to say “no” if your child is constantly over-scheduled and never has any time for themselves.

kids playing soccer

With my kids, I give them opportunities to try new things; if they like it, we continue it and can sign up again if they don’t. If they don’t like it, I encourage them to finish the session, especially on a team and let them know that they don’t have to do it again moving forward.

With this, I have found activities that both of my children enjoy doing and other activities they don’t want. But, they tried them all so they know for sure they don’t like it.

6. Take them out into the World  

In today’s society, kids are constantly indoors on their tablets, laptops, or video games. To understand how the world works, kids need to go outside and be exposed to new experiences. Some specific skills and experiences can’t come from a screen. Check out these great outdoor activities for kids.

Experiencing the world in real-time gives them a deeper understanding of certain things. Show them the world and all the beautiful things it has to offer. You will be amazed at how much they learn and how curious they become about the world.

7. Encourage Their Individuality

Don’t try to make your kid into who you want them to be; encourage who they are naturally in a positive way. If that means letting your son wear pink or buying your daughter books with princesses on the cover, so be it.

It would be best if you embraced your children’s unique characteristics and interests. They may not like things you do or be interested in the same hobbies, which is perfectly fine. You can’t force them to enjoy what you love. Love them for who they are and support their individual choices.

8. Keep your Family as Close as Possible  

Dealing with motherhood can sometimes cause frictions in the family, but it’s essential to keep those lines of communication open and not let things get out of hand. Whether you have a big family with lots of extended family or just you, communication is essential.

Make sure your children know they can talk to you about anything and come to you with any problem. The more you know about what is going on, the easier it will be for you to figure out how to help everyone involved. Sometimes you may need to hear them out, and other times you may need to help them come to a solution. Either way, they will know you are there for them.

9. Get Rid of Stress

If you feel under too much pressure, let some go and focus on yourself for a minute (and we’re not talking about taking another bubble bath). It will be easier to deal with everything else when you aren’t so stressed out and frazzled.

Don’t feel pressured to do everything yourself. Sometimes being a good mother means asking for help and knowing when to ask for help. You are not expected to do this alone.

10. Let Them Make Some Mistakes

No matter how good their parents are, every child will make mistakes at some point in their lives. Allowing your children to learn for themselves what is right and wrong will help them grow into the adults they want to be.

mom comforting their child during a tough time

The hardest thing about being a parent is trusting that you did your best and that they have the tools to get through challenging situations. If you follow most of these tips, trust that you are a good mother, and their mistakes won’t be too detrimental. All kids will make mistakes, but they will know you are there for them no matter what, and that will be a win.


A good mother is someone who loves their children unconditionally, takes care of themselves, and teaches them right from wrong. They also allow their child to learn how the world works by taking them out and not trying too hard to make them perfect.

If you can follow these ten tips on what it means to be a good mother, then your kids will grow up healthy, happy adults with self-respect. They will always know that their mother truly loves them, and they will feel safe, secure, and loved. The best thing you can do as a parent is take care of yourself first because if you’re falling apart, your kids won’t be able to help it.

The Definition of a Good Mother: 10 Tips to Get There