The Best Way to Organize Baby Clothes

If you’re a new parent, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the stuff that comes with having a baby. It’s hard to organize all the baby clothes you get from friends and family, but it should be easy. You need to figure out what clothes are essential for your newborn right now and what you can pack away.

We know how overwhelming it can be to decide which items are essential and which aren’t. There are too many options. You don’t know what to use or where to start organizing your baby clothes.

We created this post to help make your life easier as a new parent. We hope that our recommendations will help you get started on the right foot! These tips helped us organize our baby’s clothes in no time at all, and we hope they’ll do the same for you. Here’s how:

Organizing Baby Clothes Initially

The first step is deciding what storage system you want to use. As new parents, we found that sorting things by size was the easiest. You can use smaller organization units to keep the clothes out with only one size out.

The following are some great options if you have a smaller space or don’t have a closet:


You can turn a bookshelf into an armoire or small closet for your baby’s clothes. Put it next to the changing table for easy access. Add some easy-to-grab bins for smaller items, like socks or bibs. You can take out the top shelves and add a tension rod to hang things. Some bookshelves have doors on the bottom half, which would be perfect for keeping extra diapers and wipes. 

Toy Bins

Toy bins are great because they’re the perfect size for smaller items, like socks, diapers, bibs, burp cloths, baby shoes, or onesies. You can even use them to store shoes and accessories that don’t fit in other units. It’s also easy to label each bin so you can quickly grab things when needed. Most of them are the perfect size to fit on the shelves of a bookcase. 

Tiered Drawer Units

Drawer units are perfect if you want a dresser-like feel, but you don’t have the room for a traditional dresser.   Use small bins or drawer organizers for socks and underwear. Then use medium-sized ones for t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, etc. You can even stack them, so you don’t need as much space.

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Under the Crib Storage

Some cribs have the option of drawers underneath the crib. These drawers tend to be huge and can fit many baby clothes. There are also great storage bags that can slide under the crib for too big or out-of-season clothes. Use drawer dividers or bins to keep everything organized.

Best Way to Organize Baby Clothes in Dresser

A dresser is a great way to keep clothes organized if you have room. You can use dividers to keep everything organized. You can even separate clothes by type, like t-shirts and pants, sleepwear, and everyday outfits.

Drawer dividers or divider boxes make it easy to organize baby clothes in a dresser. They help keep clothes separated. You can also use ornament boxes or boxes.

Vacuum bags are great for clothes out of season or for bigger sizes. Labels on everything help you keep track. You can label drawers to see what is in each drawer easily. Some titles even have pictures so your child can easily see what is in each drawer as they learn to dress themselves.

Ways to Separate Clothes

  • Sleeper pajamas
  • Long sleeve onesie
  • Short sleeve onesie
  • Pants/leggings
  • Dresses
  • Burp cloths
  • Socks
  • Swaddles
  • Blankets
  • Diapers
  • Wipes

Extra Accessories: headband holder or a hat hanger

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Baby Closet Ideas

Using an over-the-door shoe rack as a clothing holder is great because it’s easy to store and will save you space in your closet. The clear pockets allow you to see what is in each slot easily. You can fill it with receiving blankets, socks, headbands, or premade outfits that you can grab each day (or during each diaper change). 

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Organizing Baby Clothes by Size

When you organize your baby’s clothes by size, you can see at a glance all the clothes that fit right then. Many different tools can help manage the clothes exactly how you want them.

There are many valuable things you can get, like these space-saving hangers to hang clothes. It saves space and can be organized by clothes size if you want.

Closet Dividers 

The best way to organize baby clothes is to do it as soon as you start getting clothes for your little one. Using these closet dividers and managing systems can help you sort the clothes by size as you get them. A great time right after your baby shower since you will most likely receive many garments as gifts. 

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These hanging shelves with drawers can be perfect if you don’t have a lot of space in your closet or don’t want to add an extensive organizing system to your wardrobe. 

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This small closet organizer is easy to install and gives you a little more than just some hanging shelves. It gives you some extra hanging space and racks to put bins. 

Velvet Hangers 

Velvet hangers are great for kids’ clothes because the clothes don’t slide off. Make sure you get the kid-size hangers so all of those small-sized things can fit easily. The hangers with the clips are perfect for putting together whole outfits and hanging them up. 

Divider Labels

Clothing dividers are great for keeping all the different sizes separated. You will most likely get clothes of all sizes, and it will be easier to see what you have available in each size when they are all organized. 

Shoe Organizer

Since baby clothes are so small, you can fit them in small spaces like shoe organizers. You can make outfits, connect them with clothespins, and separate them in shoe organizers for easy grabbing. 

Organizing Baby Clothes Twice A Year

Typically you want to organize your baby clothes twice a year during season changes when you are putting away all of the cold weather clothes and get rid of clothes that no longer fit at the same time. 

If your baby is three months in the wintertime, it is time to put away winter clothes, and those clothes will most likely not fit the next cold season. You want to put away that clothes or donate them if you don’t plan on having any future children. 

Have a bin or basket available in your baby’s room that you can toss things into that no longer fit. That way, throughout the year, you don’t keep putting clothes that are too small back in with their other garments. Now it will be more accessible when it comes time to organize clothes for the new season and take out clothes that don’t fit. 

FAQ’s for Organizing Baby Clothes

How does Marie Kondo organize baby clothes?

The folding technique of Marie Kondo works excellent for organizing baby clothes. It makes them look nice and neat in your drawer or organizer, so they’re easy to find when needed.

How do you organize baby clothes size?

First, you want to organize your baby’s clothes by size and then by clothing type. This makes it easier to see what you can grab that fits your baby right now. Use shoe organizers, closet dividers, and bins or baskets to keep the size you currently need out and available.

How do you organize a newborn’s closet? 

For babies, you can place all one size of clothes together. This way, it’s easy to see what fits and what doesn’t. You can also group size by day or night outfits, short sleeve versus long sleeve, hat, mittens, etc. Then separate them accordingly to make things easier when getting ready in the morning.

Have other baby necessities like blankets or extra diapers and wipes all grouped in the closet, so you know exactly where to go when you need something.

How do you organize baby sweaters?

You can hang up baby sweaters on velvet kid-sized hangers. The garment won’t slip off the velvet hanger. Then you can use size dividers to separate them by size in the closet.

How do you organize baby clothes in a dresser?

First, make sure the dresser is clean and empty. Use a small basket or container to put folded clothes in, then place them inside your dresser. Have each different type of clothing in a separate basket. This way, it’ll be easy to grab something from the top of the dresser without everything falling out.

How do you store baby clothes that are too big?

If clothes are too big, you can put them in storage containers or bags. Then label them with what size they are and when they’ll fit. Keep these boxes in the closet out of the way. This is also a great way to store things out of season.

How do you sort baby clothes?

Sort out all clothes by type- t-shirts, pants, socks, etc., then by size. This makes it easy to grab an outfit for the day that you know will fit.

How do you store baby shoes?

Keep all the baby shoes in small bins separated by size. Shoes should fit for a few months, depending on how fast your baby’s feet grow. Every time they outgrow a pair, move them to a basket for stuff that is too small and ready to donate or giveaway.

What size order do baby clothes go in?

The month size of the clothes usually groups Baby’s clothes. You can group newborn size and 0-3 months, anything ending in 3 months. Then 3-6 months clothes and anything sized ending in 6 months. Measures ending with nine months are grouped.

The next tier is 12 months clothes which will go to 18 months. Then you can group 24 months and 2T stuff. Sometimes the month doesn’t match your baby’s age; it is more of a guide and has more to do with their current weight. This is why it is essential to put things aside as you see that they don’t fit anymore rather than rely on the size.


Organizing baby clothes should be one of your priorities as a parent. If possible, do it as soon as you bring your tiny one home, and you’ll never regret it! The folding technique of Marie Kondo works excellent for organizing baby clothes. It makes them look nice and neat in your dresser or organizer, so they’re easy to find when needed.

First, you want to sort out all clothes by type- t-shirts, pants, socks, etc., then by size. You can also organize the newborn clothing altogether but separate it into groups such as hats and mittens or short sleeves versus long sleeves because these things will get used less over time. 

When clothes are too small, and you’re not having another baby soon, be sure to put the clothes that don’t fit in storage containers or bags. Have a bin available so you can toss it in the tote when something no longer works. Organizing your baby’s clothes early and continuing to keep up will make day-to-day dressing a lot easier.

The Best Way to Organize Baby Clothes