The 11 Best Postpartum Underwear for 2021

During Postpartum recovery, you are going to want some very comfortable undergarments to wear. Here is a list of the best postpartum underwear. Whether you are a heavy bleeder, have a c-section incision, or had a vaginal birth, there is a panty for you.

We’ve picked out the very best postpartum underwear, so you can easily find the best panty for your needs.

Best Mesh Postpartum Underwear and Disposable Underwear

1. Brief Transitions Mesh Postpartum Underwear

Brief Transitions Disposable Postpartum Seamless Panties for Women Black(5 Pack)
  • STAY COMFORTABLE AFTER GIVING BIRTH - These seamless mesh panties are...
  • DISPOSABLE LATEX-FREE, MESH PANTIES - Made of soft mesh fabric, this...
  • 5X REUSABLE DESIGN - This disposable postpartum underwear can be worn...

Brief Transitions are disposable mesh underwear great for being comfortable during your postpartum recovery. They are soft and stretchy, with no waistband that digs into your belly or incision line. Comfortable and airy for all your postpartum needs. 

These are machine washable and reusable for a few uses. They are made with breathable soft mesh that gives you lots of coverage but doesn’t restrict you in any way. 

They come in a pack of 5 and are black. These underwear are one-size-fits-all. The waist stretches from 13”-35,” and the legs stretch 7”-18”. 

2. Always Discreet Maximum Protection Underwear  

Always Discreet Adult Incontinence & Postpartum Incontinence Underwear for Women, Large, Maximum Protection, Disposable, 28 Count x 2 Pack (56 Count total)
  • UP TO ZERO LEAK, ZERO ODOR, ZERO FEEL to keep you dry and comfortable.
  • UNIQUE, SUPER ABSORBENT CORE turns liquid to gel to absorb bladder...

Incontinence underwear is super helpful for postpartum too. The super absorbent leak guard helps keep the wetness away. They are made with a cotton-like fabric and a soft waistband that won’t pinch. Very stretchy and won’t agitate c-section incision. They also lock away any scent.

Disposable and easy to use. It comes in sizes small to extra large and has two different style fits. Allows for extra pads or liners if needed. 

3. Frida Mom Postpartum Underwear

Frida Mom Women's Boyshort, Grey, Regular (Waist 28"-42" Stretched)
  • POSTPARTUM UNDERWEAR: Seamless, full-coverage and abdominal support....
  • MICROFIBER SPANDEX: Made with super soft, breathable, latex-free 100%...
  • AVAILABLE IN 2 SIZES: Size Regular (waist 28"-42" stretched). Size...

The Frida Mom Underwear is stretchy, soft, and breathable. These mesh-free postpartum underwear are designed to hold all the layers of protection you may need. These are made from a microfiber material that feels like cotton. They are disposable, so you don’t need to worry about more laundry. 

Users found them not very durable. They would fall apart after one pad, so most users don’t end up washing at all and just tossing after the one use.  

There are 2 sizes available: Regular: waist stretches 28”-42” and Petite: waist stretches 23”-34”.

Best Postpartum Underwear for Cesarean Section

4. Kindred Bravely High-Waisted Postpartum Underwear

Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear & C-Section Recovery Maternity Panties 5 Pack Small, Assorted
  • DESIGNED FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT - Smoothing design sits above your...
  • PERFECT FOR C-SECTION RECOVERY - The perfect postpartum / C-section...
  • A TOUCH OF STYLE FOR POSTPARTUM RECOVERY - Designed to hold post...

The Kindred Bravely High-Waisted Panties are Full Coverage underwear perfect for postpartum, even with a C-section. They are super soft and comfortable but stylish. They are made with ultra-soft fabric designed to sit above your c-section line and post-baby belly without digging into your skin. 

They also have a touch of style with a slimming wide lace band. The lace band is stretchy and won’t bind or pinch. The wide gusset area makes it easy to hold a large postpartum pad or ice pack. 

They are available in a 3 or 5 pk and come in a variety of colors. Fits true to size: S – XXL.

5. UpSpring C-Panty

UpSpring C-Panty C-Section Recovery Underwear with Silicone Panel for Incision Care, High Waisted Postpartum Underwear for Women to Support, Slim, and Smooth After C-Section (Black, Small/Medium)
  • THE ORIGINAL, PATENTED recovery product. No velcro, sticky strips,...
  • PULL-ON-AND-GO C-Panty will help in all recovery stages. CAN'T START...

The UpSpring Baby C-Panty is designed especially for women that had a c-section. These underwear have a targeted comfortable compression to help reduce discomfort and supports healing. 

Compression is in all the right places to help you recover and reduce swelling in your midsection. The interior silicone panel provides slimming postpartum support and also helps reduce the appearance of a scar. 

They are machine washable but must be line dried. They are available in 2 colors: Black and Nude, and come in S-M, L-XL, or 1X-2X. 

6. Innersy Tummy Control High-Waisted Panties

INNERSY Womens Underwear Cotton Briefs Postpartum High Waisted Panties 5 Pack
  • Wide Stretchy Waistband: The soft waistband sits below the belly...
  • Full Back Coverage: With full coverage of hips and stretchy leg...
  • A Must-have for Maternity& Postpartum: INNERSY womens underwear is...

These comfy postpartum underwear are made of 95% cotton making them breathable and allow for sweat-free comfort. The high-waisted design makes them the perfect choice for postpartum c-section recovery. The soft wide waistband has a light compression on your tummy to reduce the muffin top’s appearance, plus it will not roll. 

The sizes range from xs to 3xl, and they come in a large variety of colors. Machine washable and have a comfortable tag-free design. 

7. Intimate Portal Under-the-Bump Maternity Panties

Intimate Portal Maternity Underwear | Pregnancy Postpartum Panties | Under the Bump Bikinis
  • FREE YOUR BUMP: Best rated signature crossover maternity bikini...
  • BETTER POSTPARTUM RECOVERY: Wear as everyday cotton underwear after...
  • NO PINCH NO BULGES: Unparallel comfort with the super stretch...

These bikini panties fit under your bump, so they can be used before and after delivery. Before delivery, they fit nicely under your bump without pressure or rolling. The fabric is soft and stretchy.

After delivery, you can wear them as regular cotton panties. The low-rise waistline fits below any c-section incision or tender midsection so that it won’t irritate you. The inner crotch lining is 100% cotton, making them breathable and dry feeling. 

The sizes range from small to 2xl and come in a variety of colors. 

8. Motherhood Maternity Foldover Brief Panties

Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity 3 Pack Panties S-3X, Black, Nude, Flat Grey/Multi Pack, Small
  • COMFORT AND SUPPORT - Motherhood Maternity fold-over maternity...
  • OFFERS COVERAGE AND VERSATILITY - The Fold Over Belly Panty is perfect...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE - Made with a cotton-spandex blend,...

These postpartum panties have a fold-over waistband that is perfect for your changing body. They are perfect for including in your hospital delivery bag. You can wear them over your bump for a little more support or fold the waistband down for comfort after delivery. The belly briefs have a high elastic waistband that provides full coverage during pregnancy and through postpartum. 

They come in 4 different colors: white, grey, nude, and black, ranging from small to 3xl. Super comfortable and stretchy.

9. Leonisa Firm Compression Postpartum Panty with Adjustable Belly Wrap

Leonisa Women's Postpartum Recovery Support Panty Shaper with Adjustable Belly Wrap,Small,Nude
  • SIZE UP RECOMMENDATION - Please note that the sizes are close to the...
  • TUMMY CONTROL - This classic maternity underwear comfortably slims...
  • ADJUSTABLE VELCRO - This postpartum belly band with adjustable velcro...

These postpartum panties have an adjustable belly wrap. The slimming front panel is made of double layered PowerSlim and provides maximum control for your entire tummy. The adjustable velcro sides allow you to control the level of compression.

The compression reduces swelling and promotes healing whether you had a c-section or vaginal birth. They need to be hand washed and line dried. 

They come in beige or black and size small to xl.

10. Thinx Hi-Waist Period Underwear

THINX Hi-Waist Period Underwear for Women, Heavy Absorbency Period Panties, FSA Approved Feminine Care, Holds Up to 4 Tampons, Black, X-Small
  • Everyday Underwear: Thinx look and feel like everyday women's...
  • Prevents Leaks and Stains: Thinx period underwear has built-in leak...
  • Odor Controlling: Thinx period-absorbing underwear controls odors,...

Machine washable underwear with built-in leak protection. They absorb without feeling bulky. Has a leak-resistant moisture barrier. They look and feel like everyday underwear. Easy cleaning and care perfect for your postpartum needs. They are reusable and machine washable. They need to hang dry. 

They range in size from x-small to 3xl. They come in 2 different colors, black and ocean blue, and have 5 different absorbency levels depending on your flow. For a postpartum period, you would most likely need a heavy to super absorbency. 

11. Wirarpa Breathable High Waist Cotton Underwear

wirarpa Women's Cotton Underwear High Waisted Ladies Panties Full Coverage Briefs 4 Pack (Regular & Plus Size)
  • STRETCHY COVERED WAISTBAND: Wirarpa women's underwear with soft...
  • SOFT EASY ON EASY OFF PANTY: Comfy full coverage panties, suitable for...
  • DOUBLE-LAYER CROTCH: NO RIDING UP PANTIES with double-layer crotch...

Comfy full coverage panties that are perfect for postpartum c-sections and postpartum recovery. They are super high-rise waist with very light compression on the tummy. They don’t ride up and are stretchy enough to feel comfortable but not loose.

They are soft and breathable. They come in a variety of colors and range in size from x-small to 5xl.

FAQ’s for Postpartum Underwear

Why do you need postpartum underwear?

After delivery, regular panties don’t work very well. You still have a postpartum belly, and it is very tender since your body is working to shrink back down and your insides are all shifting back to normal. You may even have an incision if you had a c-section. You want to wear underwear that either completely cover the incision or does not even touch it. 

Most postpartum underwear also comes with slight compression, which can aid in postpartum recovery. Not to mention help with the appearance of slimming, making you feel a little better about your new postpartum body. 

What to consider when buying postpartum underwear?

  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Compression
  • Easy to Clean or Disposable

You want to make sure they are breathable and easy to clean. Unless you use the disposable type, you want something that can stand up to a lot of washing in case of leaking during your lochi. You also want something super comfortable and stretchy.

If they do have compression, you want ones that have slight compression in the right places. You don’t want your whole midsection to be compressed down and squeezed into something. 

How long should I wear postpartum underwear? 

You typically want to wear postpartum underwear for the first 2-6 weeks of postpartum, or as long as you have your lochia, postpartum bleeding. It is generally a heavy flow for the first 7-10 days and may lighten up after that. Wear them as long as you need or until your body feels comfortable in your regular panties. 

Should they be hand washed?

Most of them can be machine washed. Be sure to look at the manufacturer’s recommendations so that they last as long as you need them. Some may need to be washed in only cold water or line dried. 

Can I use incontinence underwear instead?

Yes, absolutely. If you are comfortable in incontinence underwear instead, then, by all means, wear them. It is all about you being comfortable. Depending on the absorbency level, you may still need to wear a pad for extra protection during the heaviest part of your lochia. 

Are there postpartum underwear to help you recover faster?

Postpartum underwear with compression helps you heal faster since it helps your body tighten up and shift everything back to normal. The ones that have adjustable compression would be best so you can control the pressure on your midsection.

Postpartum padsicles can also help you heal faster. Check out how to easily make your own DIY Postpartum Padsicles here.

The 11 Best Postpartum Underwear for 2021