The Top 129 Elena Middle Names

We all know that picking a baby’s name can be challenging. But what if you’re looking for something more than just the first name? Many parents are now turning to middle names to give their children an extra layer of identity and meaning. If you’ve been searching for a unique middle name to pair with Elena, look no further! Here we have compiled over 129 of the best Elena middle names to give your little one a beautiful and meaningful moniker.

Choosing the perfect middle name is not always easy. However, when naming your daughter after one of the most popular female names in history – Elena – there are plenty of options available. Whether you’re looking for something classic, cute, or cool – this list of girl names is the best middle name for Elena and will help you find exactly what you need!

What does the name Elena mean?

Elena is an attractive and feminine name, with the popularity of “El” names like Ella and Eloise. It has a timeless quality to it. It is the perfect name for a baby girl with all the grace and poise of a princess. Elena is derived from the Greek mythology word meaning “torch” or “light,” symbolizing a bright light in your daughter’s life.

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Bright, shining light, torch

Here is an awesome list of middle names that pair perfectly with Elena.

Most Popular Middle Names for Elena

Below are the most popular middle names used for Elena. Each option has its unique charm that can add depth and personality to your daughter’s full name.

  • Elena Louise
  • Elena Rose
  • Elena Grace
  • Elena Jane
  • Elena Elizabeth
  • Elena Ann
  • Elena Mae
  • Elena Marie
  • Elena Claire
  • Elena Amari

Nickname Ideas for Elena

  • Ellie
  • Elle
  • Nell
  • Nellie
  • Lena
  • Ella
  • Lia
  • Laney
  • Nina

Unique Middle Names for Elena

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, consider one of these creative middle names for your daughter. Each has a special meaning but remains as unique as the next.

Elena Amethyst

Elena Aurora

Elena Briar

Elena Cora

Elena Dahlia

Elena Freya

Elena Joy

Elena Juniper

Elena Kaya

Elena Leona

Elena Nova

Elena Zenobia

Nature-Inspired Middle Name Ideas for Elena

If you want your daughter’s name to reflect the beauty of nature, these names can be a perfect choice.

Elena Autumn

Elena Azalea

Elena Blossom

Elena Daisy

Elena Iris

Elena Ivy

Elena Laurel

Elena Lily

Elena Marigold

Elena Starla

List of Middle Names for Elena

  1. Elena Abigail
  2. Elena Adalynn
  3. Elena Addison
  4. Elena Adelaide
  5. Elena Adele
  6. Elena Adeline
  7. Elena Alexis
  8. Elena Alyssa
  9. Elena Amber
  10. Elena Amelia
  11. Elena Anne
  12. Elena Arden
  13. Elena Ashley
  14. Elena Astrid
  15. Elena Athena
  16. Elena Ava
  17. Elena Bailey
  18. Elena Beatrix
  19. Elena Bernice
  20. Elena Beth
  21. Elena Blake
  22. Elena Breanna
  23. Elena Brooke
  24. Elena Brooklyn
  25. Elena Brynn
  26. Elena Caitlin
  27. Elena Cameron
  28. Elena Camila
  29. Elena Carmen
  30. Elena Caroline
  31. Elena Catherine
  32. Elena Celeste
  33. Elena Charlotte
  34. Elena Chloe
  35. Elena Cleo
  36. Elena Colette
  37. Elena Cora
  38. Elena Daphne
  39. Elena Darcy
  40. Elena Dawn
  41. Elena Delaney
  42. Elena Denise
  43. Elena Diane
  44. Elena Elizabeth
  45. Elena Elyse
  46. Elena Eve
  47. Elena Evelyn
  48. Elena Faith
  49. Elena Faye
  50. Elena Frances
  51. Elena Gabrielle
  52. Elena Genevieve
  53. Elena Giselle
  54. Elena Grace
  55. Elena Gwen
  56. Elena Gwendolyn
  57. Elena Hailey
  58. Elena Hannah
  59. Elena Hazel
  60. Elena Holly
  61. Elena Imogen
  62. Elena Ingrid
  63. Elena Iris
  64. Elena Isabel
  65. Elena Isla
  66. Elena Jane
  67. Elena Jasmine
  68. Elena Jenna
  69. Elena Jessica
  70. Elena Joanna
  71. Elena Joanne
  72. Elena Jordan
  73. Elena Joy
  74. Elena Josephine
  75. Elena June
  76. Elena Katherine
  77. Elena Kathleen
  78. Elena Katie
  79. Elena Kaylee
  80. Elena Kennedy
  81. Elena Kimberly
  82. Elena Kristin
  83. Elena Kylee
  84. Elena Lauren
  85. Elena Leah
  86. Elena Leslie
  87. Elena Lilith
  88. Elena Lillian
  89. Elena Lily
  90. Elena Lucy
  91. Elena Luna
  92. Elena Lydia
  93. Elena Mabel
  94. Elena Mackenzie
  95. Elena Madeline
  96. Elena Madison
  97. Elena Maeve
  98. Elena Margaret
  99. Elena Marion
  100. Elena Maya
  101. Elena Meryl
  102. Elena Mia
  103. Elena Michelle
  104. Elena Mila
  105. Elena Nadine
  106. Elena Naomi
  107. Elena Nicole
  108. Elena Olivia
  109. Elena Paige
  110. Elena Payton
  111. Elena Piper
  112. Elena Quinn
  113. Elena Reese
  114. Elena Renee
  115. Elena Riley
  116. Elena Roxanne
  117. Elena Ruth
  118. Elena Simone
  119. Elena Sloane
  120. Elena Sofia
  121. Elena Sylvie
  122. Elena Taylor
  123. Elena Valerie
  124. Elena Vanessa
  125. Elena Veronica
  126. Elena Victoria
  127. Elena Willa
  128. Elena Zara
  129. Elena Zoe

How to Choose a Middle name

When choosing a middle name for your daughter, there are many factors to consider. The most important thing is that the name should reflect your family’s values and beliefs.

  • Go a different direction than their first name– if you choose a traditional name for a baby’s first name, you can go more unique and fun for their middle name.
  • Give it personal meaning– consider a meaningful name that reflects a family tradition, your family’s past, heritage, or values.
  • Consider the initials– make sure the initials of their first and last names combined with the middle name don’t spell out anything inappropriate. You can also think of names that will spell out a cool monogram.
  • Pay attention to the flow– one-syllable names match well with a longer name that has multi-syllables. Say the name out loud a few times to hear how it sounds together. Sometimes too many consonant sounds together can sound a little sharp and not as melodic as you would want.
  • Consider how they will feel about it when they are older. Is it too unique of a name that will be hard for them to spell or pronounce?
  • Finally, have fun! Names are a particularly special part of your family’s story, the perfect middle name should reflect this.

Where to find inspiration for middle names

If you’re still feeling uninspired, there are plenty of other places to look for second name ideas. Looking through family trees and seeing what names have been used in the past for an older relative is a great way of coming up with a name. You can also think about the heritage of your family members and choose names that are meaningful to you. If your ancestors are Greek you may want the name to be of ancient greek origin.

Look up popular international names or search online for top baby names to get some inspiration. You can also check out a baby name generator that will give you combos of names that sound good together. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family as well- they might have some unique suggestions.

Think about the qualities you want your daughter to embody. A name is sometimes a part of a child’s personality. If she is strong and independent, think about names with empowering meanings, such as “Dawn” or “Hope.” If she is gentle and kind, consider names with a softer feel, such as “Flower” or “Pearl.”

Another technique you could use to choose a baby girl name is to check out all the names of famous people on the credits of a movie or show. You may just find a great name that has a modern twist you would have never thought of. Whatever name you choose for your daughter, it will be memorable and unique to her.

The popularity of the name Elena

According to the social security administration, the first name Elena was the 53rd most popular girl’s name in 2021. In the previous year, Elena ranks 55th.

FAQs About the Name Elena

1. What are the nicknames for Elena?

The nicknames for Elena are Ellie, Elle, Nell, Nellie, Lena, Ella, Lia, Laney, and Nina. You could also incorporate the middle name in a nickname if you want. For example, for Elena Mae, a nickname could be Ellie Mae.

2. What is the prettiest middle name for a girl?

The prettiest middle name for a girl will depend on personal preference and individual style. The most popular, classic middle names include Rose, Grace, Elizabeth, Ann, Mae, and Marie. There are also plenty of options for more unique names like Aurora, Freya, or Ivy. Ultimately it is up to you to decide the perfect baby middle name that best suits your daughter. You can base the name on the meaning or the feeling it evokes when you say it.

3. What is Elena full name?

Elena is a version of Eleanor. Elena is a popular female name, so the full name will depend on the chosen middle name. Some of the most popular choices for the perfect combination are Elena Louise, Elena Rose, Elena Grace, Elena Jane, Elena Elizabeth, Elena Ann, Elena Mae, and Elena Marie. Try them out with your last name to see how the full name will sound.

4. What middle name goes with Elaine?

Elaine is a variation of Elena and has a similar sound, so the middle name choices will be the same. Some popular classic choices for middle names for Elaine include Louise, Rose, Grace, Jane, Elizabeth, Ann, Mae, and Marie.


Choosing the perfect middle name for your daughter can be a daunting task. But with some creativity and thoughtfulness, you’ll find something meaningful for both of you. Elena is a pretty name that is becoming more popular over the years with girls’ names.

When picking out a middle name for Elena or Elaine, think about what qualities she should embody and any nicknames that might work with her full name. With so many options available, there’s sure to be one that perfectly suits your little girl!

We hope you find the perfect middle name for your daughter on this list! Each option is unique and meaningful, providing the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful name Elena. Good luck with your search, and congratulations on your new baby girl. Picking a name can be tricky, but with this extensive list of middle names for Elena, you’ll have plenty of ideas to choose from!