How to Save on your Disneyland Trip with young kids


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Disneyland is a magical place and once you have kids you just can’t wait to take them. But it can get pretty pricey. So how do you score discount Disneyland tickets? You use Get Away Today for all your Disneyland needs!

I book all of my Disneyland trips through Get Away Today. Not only do you get Disneyland tickets at a discount, but you also get the best prices on hotels as well. Whether you are staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel or a neighboring hotel, you can’t get a better deal.

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Disneyland, Is It Really Magical?

Yes, it is! My husband and I are both huge Disney fans. Before we had kids we were annual pass holders and made sure to go at least 3-4 times a year, if not more.

Might as well if you are an annual pass member. Both of us only went maybe once as kids and we don’t remember much of it. So the first time we went as adults was AMAZING! There is so much to do, see, eat, explore… You name it, it’s there. Especially if you go during a holiday season and the parks are decorated to the MAX.

If you love Halloween or Christmas, Disneyland is a must-go vacation spot for you during those times. The decor is so awesome.

With young kids, it can get a little tricky going at first. We drive there from Northern California, so a long car ride with the kids is the first hurdle.

Budget Disneyland Tips

Car Ride Tips for Toddlers and Babies

First off you need to have the right mind set before you begin this adventure. Your baby or toddler is going to get antsy and cranky and they will cry. Go into the trip knowing that. Be prepared for the worst.

  • pack plenty of snacks
  • have a change of clothes readily available
  • have a car sick ‘kit’ available (cleaning wipes, big plastic bags, paper towels, water, etc.)
  • stop often
  • easy to use toys or activities
  • have a lenient or adjustable time table
  • tablet with downloaded movies, or a portable DVD player
  • go to the bathroom when they go or you stop to change them

My daughter is prone to getting car sick; we have been on the side of the road more than once cleaning throw-up out of the nooks and crannies of her car seat. Make sure you have the supplies needed to do that, there isn’t always a nearby gas station.

Make sure you go to the bathroom when you are already stopped. You don’t want to get going again, have your child fall asleep only to realize you now have to go. My kids will wake up the second we stop, so as long as we keep going while they are asleep they will stay asleep for a bit.

Since my daughter would get car sick, she couldn’t watch movies or play games on a tablet so we had to find other things to occupy her. These are some of my favorites for kids on long car rides.

If you are still breastfeeding any of your littles you want to make sure to have all your portable breastfeeding gear on hand. For more information check out these tips on breastfeeding during traveling.

Do you need Disneyland tickets for babies and toddlers?

You only need to get tickets for children 3 and older. We ended up taking our kids for the first time right before my daughter’s 3rd birthday. My daughter was almost 3 and my son was a little over 1. So we were able to go without a ticket for both of them for their first time.

This saves a ton of money and allows you to give them the experience of Disneyland without feeling like you wasted money. It is hard to do a lot at each park with two small children, some days you don’t get to a lot of the attractions.

The first time at the parks with babies or toddlers can be a little overwhelming. You are trying to navigate the rides they can actually go on and find areas to rest and nurse if needed.

You also want to make sure you don’t push them too much and overstimulate them. That can make for a very upsetting bedtime.

So if possible I recommend going for the first time with your kids before your child turns 3. This is when they don’t need a Disneyland ticket and can get in free.

Disneyland budget tips with kids

Buy Souvenirs and Disney apparel BEFORE your trip

Buy some little gifts or toys to give your kids before going into the park. Or have them on-hand in the park to give out as needed. Things like bubble wands, plushies, clothes, hats, autograph books, and more.

These things are so much cheaper outside of the park. You can even make little gift bags for them that they can open when they get to the hotel. Family tee shirts are always a fun idea, especially for your first time there as a family.

The costumes/dresses are also so much cheaper if you purchase them beforehand. If you have a little princess on your hands, be sure to check out these outfits below for them.

Why use Get Away Today for Disneyland tickets and vacations?

Get Away Today is a Disneyland travel site that has been helping people book amazing family vacations at great prices for almost 30 years. They have relationships with hotels and attractions to save you 20% to 50% on your vacation package.

I use Get Away Today for every Disneyland trip I book and I always receive the best customer service. They are so friendly and helpful every time call them.

A few reasons I love Get Away Today for Disneyland tickets and vacations:

  • Layaway Plan– You only need to put down $175 for your trip! Then you can pay over time up until 5 days before your trip.
  • Superb Customer Service– they want to help you have the best vacation you can and do everything in their power to make that happen.
  • Discounted Vacation Packages- I always know I am getting the best deal when I book through Get Away Today for Disneyland.
  • Option of Peace of Mind- Yes it is an extra charge, but totally worth it. It is their travel protection that gives you unlimited reservation changes, without rescheduling or cancellation fees up to 72 hours before your trip.

For our last two trips, I have had to change dates as well as the hotel once, so I am so glad I had the Peace of Mind. It was well worth it. I had accidentally booked the wrong hotel and did not notice until weeks later.

I was able to call and tell them what happen and within a couple of hours, I was booked at the correct hotel with no extra fees.

With kids, you never know what is going to come up, so being able to change dates is a life-saver.

Why should you book your Disneyland trip with Get Away Today NOW?

You can’t go wrong. Book now for only $175 and if you purchase Peace of Mind you can adjust your vacation for any reason. Instead of trying to put money aside in a vacation fund, put it toward an actual vacation package.

Want to SAVE even more on your Disneyland tickets?

Use my promo code ChaosLove10 to get an extra $10 off! (2 tickets and 2-night min. required).

Now is the time to use Get Away Today to buy Disneyland Tickets and book an awesome family vacation. Book now for anytime next year. Pay only $175 now and spread out the cost up until your trip.

Our family is about to take a trip at the beginning of next year, while the Christmas decor is still up. I am so excited! This will be our first time seeing Galaxy’s Edge! Our kids can hardly wait too. We still have 1 child under 3, so we plan to take full advantage of him being free for another year.

Next year we also plan to go to Disney World for the first time. You can bet I will be using Get Away Today’s Amazing Package Deals to book this trip as well.

So, when is your family Disneyland trip? What are you most excited to see? Have you been to Galaxy’s Edge yet? What did you think?

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How to Save on your Disneyland Trip with young kids

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