28 Pregnancy Old Wives Tales Gender Prediction

When I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to try all the Old Wives Tales to try to predict the gender. I don’t know how accurate the Old Wives Tales are but it was still really fun to do.

If anything it takes your mind off of all the wondering for awhile. There can be a lot of anxiety and anxious waiting that comes along with pregnancy. Having something fun to think about is the perfect thing to alleviate some of that. It is also fun to plan an exciting pregnancy announcement for a second baby.

So what are Old Wives Tales?

Old Wives Tales are considered Urban Legends or Superstitions. They originated by the art of storytelling and were passed down through generations. These tales are said to be folklore or unverified claims. Which is why they are not really taken seriously but fun to hear and test out.

The stories of Old Wives Tales have been used for centuries and they originally began in order to teach lessons and help children understand difficult concepts.

We will be talking about the Old Wives Tales focused on pregnancy in order to predict the gender. For my first pregnancy I had symptoms of baby girl in first trimester as well as some symptoms for a baby boy.

For the Old Wives Tales I tried during my pregnancies I have included the results. At the end we will see how well they predicted my pregnancies. There is also a free printable of Old Wives Tales about gender quiz.

Gender Predictions using Old Wives Tales

1. Position of pregnant belly:

Carrying High- GIRL or Carrying Low- BOY

2. Type of cravings you have during pregnancy:

Craving Sweets- GIRL or Salty/Sour- BOY

3. Suffering from Morning Sickness:

Yes- GIRL or NO- BOY

4. Baby’s Heartrate:

High >140- GIRL or Low <140- BOY

5. Pregnancy ‘Stealing your beauty’/Developing Acne:

Yes- GIRL or No- BOY

6. Dry skin:

Yes- BOY or No- GIRL

7. Most Comfortable sleeping position:

Right- GIRL or Left- BOY

8. The look of your hair:

Shiny- BOY or Dull- GIRL

9. Body Hair seem thicker:

Yes- BOY or No- GIRL

10. Weight gain:

Belly only- BOY or All Over- GIRL

11. Headaches:

Yes- BOY or No- GIRL

12. Belly shape:

Round/Basketball- BOY or Wide/Watermelon- GIRL

13. Your balance:

Clumsy- BOY or Graceful- GIRL

14. Your emotions:

Happy- BOY or Moody/Unpredictable- GIRL

15. Have a lot of heartburn:

Yes- GIRL or No- BOY

16. Color of Areolas:

Darkened- BOY or No Change- GIRL

17. Faster nail growth:

Yes- BOY or No- GIRL

18. Swollen Ankles:

Yes- BOY or No- GIRL

19. Spouse gaining sympathy weight:

Yes- GIRL or No- BOY

20. Ring test over belly:

Place a ring on a string and let it hang freely over pregnant belly. If it swings in a circle over the belly- BOY or if it swings back and forth- GIRL

21. Key test:

Have someone place a key on a table, then go pick it up. If you pick up the narrow end- GIRL or If you pick up the round end- BOY

22. Mayan Calendar:

Age at time of conception and year of conception: Both even or odd- GIRL or One odd and one even- BOY

23. Linea Nigra goes above your belly button:

Yes- BOY or No- GIRL

24. Urine Test with Baking Soda:

Add 1 Tablespoon of baking soda to a cup of your urine. If it fizzes- BOY or No fizz- GIRL

25. Urine Test with Red Cabbage:

Boil Red Cabbage, reserve the water it boiled in and add a cup of urine. If it is pink- GIRL or purple- BOY

26. If you already have kids:

Look at the hairline at the nape of the neck of the last child born. Straight across- baby will be the same sex or Hairline comes to a point- baby will be opposite sex as your last child.

27. Ramzi Theory: Where does the placenta attach:

Look at your early ultrasound as long as it was done transvaginally. Placenta attached to the left- GIRL or right- BOY

28. Chinese gender chart

Chinese gender prediction chart

Old Wives Tales Gender Prediction List

Gender prediction can be fun, but may not be accurate. The only way to really tell the gender of the baby is to wait for the 20 week ultrasound scan or take a blood test. Or you can wait till delivery and be surprised.

Print out the list of all of the gender predicting old wives tales here. Use it for a game at your baby shower.

Old Wives Tales About Gender Quiz

Download a free blank quiz of all the pregnancy old wives tales for gender prediction. Keep track of your own answers and be sure to put it in your pregnancy book for a cute momentum.

My Results of Gender Prediction Quiz using Old Wives Tales

For my pregnancies both predictions came true. I thought it was funny how the Mayan and Chinese Calendar prediction were wrong for both, a lot of woman I’ve known have found those to be true every time.

I didn’t do the ring test or the urine tests but it would have been fun to know those results. If you try those tests out I would love to know the outcome. So please share below!

old wives tales about gender prediction quiz for my 1st pregnancy, symptoms of a baby girl
old wives tales about gender prediction quiz for 2nd pregnancy, symptoms of a boy

These fun predictions should not be used as medical advice. These are purely for entertainment and have no medical value or considered accurate. Please consult your doctor for any medical advice on your pregnancy.

What was your predicted outcome and your actual outcome? Know anyone these were all true for? Share Below!

28 Pregnancy Old Wives Tales Gender Prediction