How Many Swaddles Do I Need?

One of the cutest things is that little bundle of joy wrapped up like a burrito with only a tiny face visible. They are so happy and content in that position. If you’re a new parent, you may wonder how many swaddles you need for your baby. Swaddles are an essential part of life with a newborn, and you’ll likely find yourself reaching for one (or several) throughout the day and night. Swaddling helps to keep your baby warm and snug and can even help to prevent them from startle reflexes that can disrupt sleep. But how many swaddles do you need?

The answer may surprise you. Most experts recommend having at least four swaddles on hand. Overall, you will need 4 to 6 swaddles for a newborn baby. The swaddling phase only lasts about two to four months, and having too many will be unnecessary. A swaddle doesn’t get too dirty, except if the baby has many spit-ups. And trust us, there will be accidents and spit-ups. Have enough to have the baby in one, a clean one available, one in the diaper bag, and one in the wash.

Having several sheets for your baby’s crib or bassinet is also a good idea. This way, you can quickly change the sheets if they become wet or soiled.

Tips for Your Swaddle Collection

There are many considerations when buying swaddles, mainly because there are so many options, and you don’t need a lot. Your baby’s age and the rate they are developing will play a role in your swaddle collection. Here are a few things to keep in mind when stocking up on swaddles:

First, it’s important to choose a high-quality swaddle. Look for ones made from breathable materials like cotton or muslin, and ensure the seams are tight and secure. You’ll also want to ensure the swaddle is large enough to comfortably wrap around your baby.

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Second, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Swaddles come in various colors and patterns, so you can choose ones that complement your nursery decor or simply make you happy.

Finally, remember that you can always use a receiving blanket as a backup swaddle in a pinch. Receiving blankets are usually less expensive than dedicated swaddles, so having a few is helpful.

The Number Of Swaddles You Need

First, swaddling isn’t something you will do for the first year of life and is not something you need to stock up on to survive. Second, swaddling is only necessary and recommended for babies born to two or four months. 

Swaddling is beneficial to keep the baby snug as they were in the womb. Imagine how scary it can be: compact and cuddly inside a tight, warm space, and when meeting the world, suddenly have to breathe for yourself, know what hunger means, and be open and cold.

They are also born with a reflex, the startle or Moro reflex, that leads to them shooting out their arms and legs when loud noises are nearby, dreaming, or moving too quickly. This reflex is for their protection but can deprive them of sleep, which is why we swaddle.

When your baby starts to roll or shows signs of wanting to roll, the swaddling is no longer necessary and might even be dangerous. Some babies start to roll at eight weeks, others might start earlier, and some might take up to three months. Thus, investing in all the different swaddle types and multiple of each is pointless.

So, the ideal number of swaddles is three to four, and you can stretch it to six. Ensure you have one on your baby, one or two in the wash, and one or two on hand for your occasional spill, spit-up, or poop. The idea is to buy two different types, see what your baby likes and then buy a third or fourth one.

The number of swaddles you have will also depend on how much washing you do, how often, and whether your baby is messing a lot with spit-ups and diaper blowouts. Ensure you have enough to always have a spare one on the side.

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Some have to start work immediately and have extra swaddles at granny’s house, or the daycare fits better. Ensure you have enough to use a new one or the same one at home for a few days before you wash it. 

What Types Of Swaddles Are There?

Being a first-time mom can be confusing and overwhelming, especially regarding the different types of blankets. I mean – swaddle, receiving, muslin, what is the difference? The most shocking part is that there is not a significant difference. Slight differences, but you can use either one to swaddle with; it will usually depend on preference. 

Swaddles come in numerous shapes and sizes. The first type looks like a typical blanket of thin material with slight elasticity to wrap the baby nice and cozy. These with a stretch work better than a rigid blanket and stays put longer.

Others look like a sleepsack but aren’t the same as those named a sleepsack. You will know the difference as the swaddle will be tighter and have a way to wrap their arms tightly inside. You can wrap your baby with its arms up, down, or across the body. Others come with fasteners and zips, tying them inside the sack. 

These options are quicker to swaddle but more exclusive, and you will have to look at what season you are in to buy the correct ones. They are also bound to size; a bigger baby might have to wear a size 0 to 3-month swaddle. 

It can be daunting to buy all these different, stylish-looking swaddles, but some babies might not like them. So play safe and buy or ask for two different types, test it on your baby and then buy one or two more when you see which one works best for you.

FAQs for Baby Swaddles Needed

1. How Many Swaddles For Twins?

You will typically need double the amount of swaddles for twins, as each will need their own. You will need six to ten to ensure you have enough available when the others are in the wash. 

2. Materials Best For Swaddling?

Cotton is the best when it comes to swaddling. Do not fall for the swaddles with a woolly interior that is warmer or anything that might add weight to your baby. A lightweight blanket big enough to wrap your baby in is perfect. You can regulate the temperature by what you let your baby wear underneath.

3. Are There Swaddles You Should Avoid?

With all the available types of swaddles, and each company wanting to add a signature or something extra, problems come to the surface, which might put your baby at risk.

The first caution is when there are sizes available. You will only swaddle your baby during one phase of their existence, the first eight to ten weeks; measures should not apply to swaddles. Dimensions might suggest that you swaddle babies longer, especially first-time moms, which is invalid. 

Two size options between newborn and 0-3 months are fine, as some babies are tiny at birth, and others are bigger. None of these apply to the traditional blanket type, which is a “one-size-fits-all.”

The second thing to look for is when the bottom of the swaddle is too narrow. A narrow base can negatively influence your baby’s hips, leading to future problems, and you won’t even know it was your innocent choice of swaddle before it is too late.

Some swaddles are weighted, the material is heavy and might be warmer for winter, but there should be no weight added to a baby whatsoever, as it can lead to many concerns and affect their breathing.

4. When To Stop Swaddling?

You will have to stop swaddling your baby when they show signs of rolling. With their arms tied and rolling, they might end up in a dangerous position and be unable to get themselves out of it. You will know it is time:

  • When you see your baby starts to roll
  • They are no longer in the position you left them for sleep, or 
  • They wriggle themselves out of a blanket swaddle.


If you’re a new parent, you may wonder how many swaddles you need for your baby. The answer to this question depends on a few things. First, how often do you want to wash them? You will probably want to wash them at least once a week, so keep that in mind when buying swaddles. Second, how long does your baby sleep in a swaddle? Babies typically sleep in a swaddle for the first few months; you will need enough for that time period. Finally, how large is your baby? You will need to ensure you get swaddles that are the right size for your baby.

Considering all of these factors, you will probably need around 4-6 swaddles for your baby. Moms can easily overestimate swaddles and end up with too many that they never even use, as the baby doesn’t like the fabric, the way it fits, or the idea of swaddling.

With this in mind, you may only want to buy two before birth and see how your baby reacts to swaddling. However, if you get too many, once your baby outgrows the swaddle, you can always use them as burp cloths or towels.

How Many Swaddles Do I Need?