Newborn Hacks and Tips Helpful for First-Time Parents

Bringing a newborn baby home can be challenging for anyone, even the most experienced parents. We could use some newborn tips and tricks, especially newborn sleeping hacks. Below we came up with a list of useful newborn hacks for new parents.

You went from having a baby all snug and protected in your body to out in the open in a new world. So any mom hacks that make that a little less stressful are a lifesaver.

For any new mom, one of the most important things you can do is to be prepared. And while you can never be fully prepared for everything that comes with a new baby, there are some things you can do to make life a little easier.

Tips and Tricks for the First 30 Days with a Newborn

These top newborn baby hacks are super helpful for new moms to make everyday life with a newborn a little easier, especially during postpartum recovery.

When I first brought home my daughter, I was so overwhelmed. I felt like everything I was doing was through trial and error. I had no idea where to begin. If only I knew then, as a new mom, what I know now.

newborn tips and tricks

I turned to the internet anytime I had a question like you are doing now. And there were so many helpful baby care tips to make each day a little easier, like these tips on surviving emotionally and physically during the first month. Eventually, I started to get the hang of mom life and found out what was incredibly helpful and not.

These tips were super helpful for me as a new mom. So sit down, enjoy, and then embrace your newfound knowledge as first-time parents.

Super helpful newborn hacks for first-time moms.

1. Set up TWO diaper changing stations

Most babies need to be changed almost every 2 hours during the newborn phase, so this is important if you have two stories in your home. Who wants to be going up and down stairs every time you need to change your baby’s diaper.

Being prepared with two changing stations is a game-changer for making life easier with diaper changes. Ideally, you want a station in the room they sleep in and then the common room like the living room where you spend a lot of your time.

I had a changing table in the baby’s room with everything I needed. Small baskets or bins are perfect for organizing baby clothes and keeping premade outfits. Then, I had a Pack n’ Play with the attached newborn changing area and organizer in the living room. Check out the best pack ‘n plays here.

The organizer is great because you can keep everything in one spot: diapers, baby wipes, diaper cream, changes of clothes, burp rags, etc. You can also buy an organizer separately and hang it on any playard.

2. Place a clean diaper under the current diaper BEFORE changing

Avoid the mess! I can’t tell you how often I was peed on as a new mom. Or I had to change the sheets and clean the mattress because of a changing mishap.

You think I would have learned after the first time, but you don’t tend to think about it being sleep-deprived. So get in the habit at the beginning of putting a clean diaper under the one you will take off the baby’s bum.

newborn hack

Once you open up the dirty diaper, fold it down, wipe the baby, and secure the dirty diaper and wipes inside with sticky tabs wrapped around it. Work quickly; as soon as they feel the cold air on their bum, they tend to pee. Fold up a new diaper as you secure dirty ones to avoid being peed on. Make sure you have a dedicated diaper pail to throw away dirty diapers.

Extra tip: Baby boy diaper hack.

Make sure you point the penis down in a diaper before securing a new diaper. If left pointing up, leaking will happen and wet their whole outfit.

3. Baby Wear

There are so many benefits to babywearing. It helps you bond with your baby, keeps your hands free to do other things, prevents uncomfortable gas in your baby, and it also prevents the baby’s head from becoming flat. There are even lightweight carriers so you can comfortably babywear in the summer.

It also makes grocery shopping a lot easier. Putting an infant seat in the shopping cart does not leave much room for groceries. When you babywear, it leaves the cart available for more groceries.

4. Use a file for baby’s nails

One of the baby care tips I love is using a nail file to trim your baby’s nails. Baby’s nails can be extremely sharp. So, they end up scratching their face or body. This is why a lot of parents use baby mittens to prevent that. But, mittens can interfere with sensory development. So what to do?

Keep their nails trimmed. Cutting them, even with the baby nail cutters, can be difficult, not to mention scary. Their hands are so tiny! This is why I LOVED the glass baby nail file by Baby Blue Giraffe. It doesn’t take much to file them down, and you can do it easily when they fall asleep.

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5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the ultimate helpful newborn hacks for new parents. I love coconut oil. It has so many different uses, especially for a newborn baby.

Unrefined (virgin) coconut oil is beneficial, readily available, and entirely natural. Some of the remarkable properties it has are Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, Anti-microbial, and Anti-carcinogenic, plus it’s easily digestible.

Here are a few of the ways you can use coconut oil for your newborn:

  • Cradle Cap
  • Natural Sunscreen
  • Diaper rash
  • Dry skin or Eczema
  • Insect bites
  • Baby Acne
  • Use with baby massage
  • Bumps or Cuts

6. Pull Onesie down after a blowout

newborn onesie hack

Ever wonder why the shoulders of a baby’s onesie look the way they do? It is so you can pull the onesie down over the baby’s body instead of up over their head when they have a diaper blowout.

I seriously did not know this until my first was about six months old. This baby hack makes life so much easier! This makes it so much easier to clean them up. And saves babies from getting poop in their hair or on their faces.

7. Gassy Baby Relief

Newborns are gassy. They have not yet figured out how to burp or relieve baby gas on their own. Therefore, they need assistance in doing so. There are many different burping techniques, even ones for when babies won’t burp.

Sometimes it may be too late to burp them. That is when you try to get the gas out using other ways. One of the best natural techniques you can do is bicycle kicks and the I LOVE YOU baby massage. Both techniques get the air bubbles moving and out.

8. Bring an outfit for yourself

Packing the perfect diaper bag is just as important as packing the perfect hospital bag. Always remember to bring an extra outfit for yourself. Newborns spit up, A LOT. And it usually is not the type you can wipe away.

Baby spit-up smells like sour milk most of the time. Do you want to smell like sour milk for the rest of your outing or errand? Nope.

Not to mention having a diaper blowout on you is also entirely possible. Yes, this has happened to me! Not pretty. So toss in an outfit or at least an extra shirt for you and your spouse (if it’s a family outing). You will be glad you did.

9. Learn Baby’s Cues

When you start paying attention to a baby’s movements, you can tell what they need before they start crying. Even before the baby’s eyebrows grow, the baby’s face can be pretty expressive. Once you start noticing what their cues mean, you can tend to them sooner, prevent meltdowns, and keep your baby calm.

With newborns, sometimes a couple of minutes can be from slightly hungry or tired to full-blown hangry or exhausted. When they get worked up, it becomes harder to feed them or put them to sleep.

baby hunger cue

For example, when a baby moves their hands near their mouth and start making sucking motions or smacking their lips, they are hungry. Or they will turn their head to the side and try to ‘root’ around for a breast.

Crying is one of the last hunger cues. So once they start crying, they are already past hungry. Check out this infographic I found by Stork Mama showing baby feeding cues.

10. Changing Pad Liners

We all love those adorable changing pad covers that match the nursery decor. But accidents happen, and you don’t want to take it off and wash it all the time.

Believe me; you will be doing enough laundry already; the laundry basket seems never-ending once you have a baby.

Changing pad liners are amazing. They provide extra protection for the actual cover. They are water-resistant and can be just wiped down after every diaper change or thrown in the wash. Be sure to ask for some on your baby registry!

Additional Newborn Baby Hacks to Make Life Easier

Ready for the baby to start sleeping in their crib? Check out these five steps to transition your baby into their room and crib. You can do it easily with no tears!

Feel like you never have time to shower? Newborn tip: try showering with your baby; it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. Once your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, you can start bringing them in the shower.

What are some tips for new moms?

Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Taking care of a newborn is time-consuming and exhausting. It can make most first-time parents feel stressed out and overwhelmed. One way to take care of yourself and your spouse is to have a date night. It is an excellent way for you both to recharge! You, your spouse, and your baby will be happier for it.

Stash baby wipes everywhere.

Keep baby wipes in your purse, in the car, in the diaper bag, and even in the nursery. That way, you’ll always have them on hand when you need them. Trust me, there will be times when you’ll be glad you did!

Opt for zipper pajamas over traditional snap-front styles.

Not only are zipper pajamas easier to get on and off, but you won’t have to worry about snaps coming undone in the middle of the night (which can be cold and annoying for both you and baby!). Plus, zipper pajamas tend to be a bit more snug-fitting, which can help baby feel more secure and comfortable throughout the night.

Get a backpack-style diaper bag.

Backpack diaper bags are super helpful for new moms. They free up your hands so you can carry your baby and all of their gear at the same time. Plus, they distribute the weight evenly so your back doesn’t get as tired. It allows you to have everything you need in one bag and know exactly where everything is. Backpack diaper bags are truly a newborn hack that every new mom should know about!

Learn the 5 S’s to soothe a crying baby.

One of the most effective techniques to comfort a fussy baby is known as the 5 S’s: swaddling, shushing, swinging, sucking, and side-lying.

Swaddling helps to recreate the feeling of being in the womb, while shushing provides calming white noise. Swinging provides gentle movement that can help to relax both baby and mom, while sucking can provide relief for teething pain or simply help to pacify. Finally, side-lying can provide much-needed relief for gas pain.

While it may take some trial and error to find what works best for your baby, the 5 S’s offer a great starting point for soothing a fussy newborn.

Burp your baby after every feeding.

Burping may seem like an extra step, but it can help to prevent spit-up and gas. To properly burp your baby, hold them upright against your chest and pat their back gently. You may need to experiment a bit to find the right amount of pressure, but you should feel a satisfying “burp” within a minute or two. In addition to preventing discomfort for your baby, burping can also help to reduce the risk of reflux and colic.

Use a baby schedule and routine tracker app.

These apps allow you to create a personalized schedule for your baby, and they also provide reminders for feedings, naps, and diaper changes. In addition, many apps also offer tips and articles on newborn care.

Learn about the Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks is a great book for new moms who want to understand their baby’s development. It covers the major developmental milestones that babies go through in the first few months of life, and it helps parents to know what to expect. The book also provides practical tips for coping with each stage.

For example, during the fourth week, many babies become fussy and clingy. The book suggests ways to deal with this, such as holding your baby close and providing lots of cuddles. The Wonder Weeks is an essential read for any new parent who wants to be prepared for their baby’s development.

Have Burp Cloths Everywhere

Another great mom hack is to keep burp cloths handy at all times. Newborns tend to spit up a lot, and it can be surprisingly easy to forget to grab a burp cloth when you need one. To avoid any messy surprises, keep burp cloths in your diaper bag, in the car, and around the house. That way, you’ll always have one within reach when your little one starts to sputter.

Plus, burp cloths can also come in handy for cleaning up other messes, like spit-up on your clothes or food spills. So, consider stocking up on burp cloths and keeping them within arm’s reach – you’ll be glad you did!

FAQ’s on Newborn Tips and Facts

1. How can I make life easier with my newborn?

The first thing you can do to make life feel easier is to remember that you are recovering. Take care of yourself too. This is your fourth trimester, and you are undoubtedly uncomfortable and in pain.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Take this time to bond with the baby and focus on your postpartum recovery. That means leaving the house cleaning and other chores for someone else.

Other new mom hacks: Get plenty of rest (sleep when the baby sleeps), stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet, and most importantly, give yourself grace. No one is perfect; you will learn as you go, and you aren’t expected to know everything the day you bring your baby home.

2. How should I stimulate my newborn?

Newborn fact: During the first few weeks, newborns are only awake for about 30-45 minutes. Newborns sleep anywhere from 16-19 hours a day. Most of their awake time is spent breastfeeding or having a bottle.

Newborn care includes engaging with your newborn a little bit after they eat and before they take another nap. Sing to your baby, read a book, and gently sway while you burp them. Cuddling with your baby and laying them on your bare chest is also stimulating and a great start to tummy time.

3. What do newborns really need?

Newborns need to eat, sleep, cuddle, poop, pee, diaper changes, and be adored; then repeat. It may seem like a lot of work to have a newborn baby, and don’t get me wrong, it is, but it is also excellent. The hardest thing is getting into a routine and figuring out what your baby needs at any given time.

Most babies thrive on a routine, so establish a good bedtime routine early on. Have a quiet, soothing bath time, a baby massage, read a book, have a white noise machine, and watch for your baby’s sleep cues before putting them down for the night.

Come up with a list to go through when your baby is crying:

  1. Are they hungry?
  2. Do they need to be changed?
  3. Are they too hot/cold?
  4. Are they tired?
  5. No to all those- They may want to cuddle. Sometimes a fussy baby wants to be held.

After going through your list and your baby is still crying try using the technique of the 5 S’s: swaddling, shushing, swinging, sucking, and side-lying.

Besides the basic baby care tips, here are some newborn essentials that are great to have.

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4. What should newborns sleep in?

As any new mom knows, there are a million things to think about when you’re caring for a newborn. From feeding and diaper changes to sleep schedules and beyond, it can be exhausting just keeping up with everything. That’s why any hacks that can make life a little easier are definitely worth considering. When it comes to getting your baby ready for bed, zipper pajamas are definitely the way to go.

Newborns must sleep on a flat surface, not in a swing or infant carrier. It should be an enclosed area so they cannot roll off onto the floor. In the beginning, they can sleep in a bassinet, like the MamaRoo Bassinet, or pack n’ play. They are easier to fit in next to your bed for easy access to the middle of the night wakings and feedings.

Later they can transition to their crib. In both instances, don’t have loose blankets in baby’s crib. There should only be a fitted sheet on their mattress. Babies should not sleep with loose pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, etc., for only a tight-fitted crib sheet for the first 9-12 months. Talk to your pediatrician about when you can add a blanket to their sleeping area.

Instead of blankets, use sleep sacks, a swaddle blanket, or warm pajamas. Newborns will be warm enough without extra blankets.

5. What do you do with a newborn in the first week?

The first week with a newborn baby can be both exhilarating and exhausting. Here are a few things to keep in mind during those first few days and nights. First, it is important to keep your newborn well-fed. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, your baby will need to eat every two to three hours.

Second, make sure to get plenty of rest when your baby sleeps. It can be tempting to use this time to catch up on chores, but you will quickly become exhausted if you do not take the opportunity to recharge.

Third, create a soothing bedtime routine. This might include reading a book or taking a bath together. fourth, do not hesitate to ask for help. Whether it is from your partner, family members, or friends, having support will make the transition to parenthood much easier.

Finally, remember that every baby is different. Trust your instincts and do what feels right for you and your family.

6. How do you survive the first week of a newborn?

The first week with a new baby can be overwhelming, but there are some things you can do to help make it a bit easier. First, stock up on essentials like diapers, wipes, and formula so you don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of the night. Second, create a schedule or routine for yourself and your partner so that someone is always available to take care of the baby. Third, reach out to friends and family for help and support – they will be more than happy to lend a hand.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Remember, you’re not alone in this – there are plenty of other parents who have been through this before. With a little planning and preparation, you’ll make it through those first few weeks just fine.

7. How can a new mom make life easier?

Being a first-time mom is hard enough, but being a first-time mom with a newborn is a whole other level of challenging. Newborns need constant care and attention, which can leave mom feeling exhausted. However, there are some mom hacks that can make life with a newborn a little bit easier. For example, stashing baby wipes everywhere can be a lifesaver.


New motherhood is an amazing, yet overwhelming time. There are so many things to think about and take care of, and it can be tough to know where to start. However, there are a few simple baby hacks that can help make the transition a little bit easier.

For example, keeping a supply of burp cloths in the diaper bag can help to avoid any wardrobe disasters. Investing in a good quality baby carrier can also be a lifesaver, as it frees up both hands while still allowing you to cuddle and bond with your little one.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Whether it’s hiring a babysitter for date night or asking a friend to come over and lend a hand, accepting help can make a world of difference.

Lastly, remember self-care is crucial during the fourth trimester. Hopefully, these baby hacks can help take some of the pressure off, and you can sometimes focus on yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Including help with your emotions or mental status.

Talk to your doctor immediately if you think the baby blues are too much; it could be postpartum depression.

Note: This post is my opinion only and not medical advice. Always consult your doctor with any concerns regarding newborn care or your postpartum recovery. Postpartum depression is severe in new mothers and new fathers. Seek guidance at the first sign.
Newborn Hacks and Tips Helpful for First-Time ParentsNewborn Hacks and Tips Helpful for First-Time Parents