10 Newborn Hacks Helpful for New Moms


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Bringing a newborn home can be hard for anyone. Even the most experienced parents. We could all you some helpful newborn hacks.

You went from having a baby all snug and protected in your body, to out in the open in a whole new world. So anything that makes that a little less stressful is a lifesaver.

newborn tips for new moms

These top 10 newborn tips and tricks are super helpful for new moms to make everyday life with a newborn a little easier, especially during postpartum recovery.

When I first brought home my daughter I was so overwhelmed. I felt like everything I was doing was through trial and error. I had no idea where to begin. If only I knew then as a new mom what I know now.

I turned to the internet anytime I had a question, like you are doing now. And there were so many helpful tips to make each day a little easier. Like these tips on how to survive emotionally and physically during the first month. Eventually, I started to get the hang of things and found out what was incredibly helpful and what was not.

These newborn hacks were super helpful for me as a new mom. So sit down and enjoy and then embrace your new-found knowledge and start momming like a pro.

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Super helpful newborn hacks for new moms.

mom with newborn

Set up TWO diaper changing stations

This is especially important if you have two stories in your home. Who wants to be going up and down stairs every time you need to change the baby.

Which, let’s face it, can be almost every two hours with a newborn. Ideally, you want a station in the room they sleep in and then the common room like the living room where you spend a lot of your time.

In the baby’s room, I had a changing table stocked with everything I needed. Then in the living room, I had a Pack n’ Play with the attached newborn changing area and organizer. Check out the best pack ‘n plays here.

The organizer is great because you can keep everything in one spot. Diapers, wipes, creams, changes of clothes, burp rags, etc.

Place a clean diaper under the current diaper BEFORE changing

Avoid the mess. I can’t tell you how many times I was peed on as a new mom. Or I had to change the sheets and clean the mattress because of a changing mishap.

You think I would have learned after the first time, but being sleep deprived you don’t tend to think about it. So get in the habit at the very beginning of putting a clean diaper under the one you are going to take off.

changing a baby diaper

Once you open up the dirty diaper, fold it down, wipe baby, and secure dirty diaper and wipes inside with sticky tabs wrapped around. Work quickly, as soon as they feel the cold air on their bum, they tend to pee. Fold up new diaper as you secure dirty one to avoid being peed on.

Extra tip: Baby boy diaper hack.

Make sure you point penis down in diaper before securing a new diaper. If left pointing up, leaking will happen and wet their whole outfit.

Baby Wear

There are so many benefits to babywearing. It helps you bond with your baby, keeps your hands free to do other things, prevents uncomfortable gas in your baby, and it also prevents them from developing a flat head.

It also makes grocery shopping a lot easier. Having to put an infant seat in the shopping cart does not leave much room for groceries. When you babywear, it leaves the cart available for more groceries.

Use a file for babies nails

Baby’s nails can be extremely sharp. They end up scratching their own face or body. This is why a lot of parents use baby mittens to prevent that. But, mittens can interfere with sensory development. So what to do?

Keep their nails trim. Cutting them, even with the baby nail cutters, can be difficult, not to mention scary. Their hands are so tiny! This is why I LOVED the glass baby nail file by Baby Blue Giraffe. It doesn’t take much to file them down and you can do it easily while they sleep.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the ultimate helpful newborn hacks for new parents. I absolutely love coconut oil. It has so many different uses, especially for a newborn baby.

Unrefined (virgin) coconut oil is extremely useful, readily available, and entirely natural. Some of the awesome properties it has are it’s an Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, Anti-microbial, and Anti-carcinogenic, plus it’s easily digestible.

Here are a few of the ways you can use it for your newborn:

  • Cradle Cap
  • Natural Sunscreen
  • Diaper rash
  • Dry skin or Eczema
  • Insect bites
  • Baby Acne
  • Use with baby massage
  • Bumps or Cuts

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Pull Onesie down after a blowout

newborn onesie hack

Ever wonder why the shoulders of onesies look the way they do? It is so you can pull the onesie down over the baby’s body instead of up over their head when they have a diaper blowout.

I seriously did not know this until my first was about 6 months old. This tip is a lifesaver! This makes it so much easier for cleaning them up. And saves baby from getting poop in their hair or on their face.

Gassy Baby Relief

Newborns are gassy. They have not yet figured out how to burp or relieve gas on their own. Therefore, they need assistance in doing so. There are many different burping techniques even ones for when babies won’t burp.

Sometimes it may be too late to burp them. That is when you try to get the gas out using other ways. Two of the best natural techniques you can do is bicycle kicks and the I LOVE YOU baby massage. Both techniques get the air bubbles moving and out.

Bring an outfit for yourself

When packing the perfect diaper bag is just as important as packing the perfect hospital bag. Always remember to bring an extra outfit for yourself. Newborns spit up, A LOT. And it usually is not the type you can just wipe away.

Spit up smells like sour milk most of the time. Do you really want to smell like sour milk for the rest of your outing or errand? Nope.

Not to mention having a diaper blowout on you is also entirely possible. Yes, this has happened to me! Not pretty. So toss in an outfit or at least an extra shirt for you and spouse (if it’s a family outing). You will be glad you did.

newborn hacks first time mom

Learn Baby’s Cues

When you start paying attention to a baby’s movements you can tell what they need before they start crying. Once you can start noticing what their cues mean, you can tend to them sooner and prevent meltdowns.

With newborns sometimes a couple of minutes can be the difference between slightly hungry or tired to full-blown hangry or exhausted. When they get really worked up it becomes harder to feed them or put them to sleep.

For example, when a baby moves their hands near their mouth and start making sucking motions, or smack their lips, they are hungry. Or they will turn their head to the side and try to ‘root’ around for a breast.

Crying is actually one of the last hunger cues. So once they start crying they are already past hungry. Check out this infographic I found by Stork Mama showing baby feeding cues.

Changing Pad Liners

We all love those adorable changing pad covers that match the nursery decor. But accidents happen and you don’t want to be taking it off and washing it all the time.

Believe me, you will be doing enough laundry already.

Changing pad liners are amazing. They provide extra protection for the actual cover. They are water-resistant and can be just wiped down or thrown in the wash. Be sure to ask for some on your baby registry!

Additional Sanity Saving Hacks

Ready for baby to start sleeping in their own crib? Check out these 5 steps to transition your baby into their own room and crib. It can be done easily with no tears!

Feel like you never have time to shower? Try showering with your baby, it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. Once your baby’s umbilical stump has fallen off, you can start bringing them in the shower with you.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Taking care of a newborn is time-consuming and exhausting. It can make you feel stressed out and overwhelmed. One way to take care of yourself and your spouse is to have a date night. It is a great way for you both to recharge! You, your spouse, and your baby will be happier for it.

What was or is your favorite newborn hack? Any new mom hacks you thought were life-changing? Share below!

newborn hacks
10 Newborn Hacks Helpful for New Moms

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