The Top 10 Best Baby Dolls for 1-Year-Olds

Are you looking for an age-appropriate baby doll for your 1-year-old? This post goes over the best first baby dolls for babies and toddlers.

Finding the best toys for kids can be overwhelming. It can be hard to find good, safe, and educational toys for your little one. There are so many different types of toys on the market; it is challenging to know which ones are worth buying.

So, we’ve done all the research for you! Here is our list of 10 top-rated baby dolls suitable for 1-year old that will make great gifts or additions to your toddler’s toy collection.

How to Select a Doll

There are some things to consider when buying a baby doll for a 1-year-old. When purchasing a baby doll for a toddler, you want to ensure they can play with it now and in the future. The following features will ensure the stuffed baby doll you get will be a favorite for years to come.

  • Budget– the plush doll should be well-made but budget-friendly. Toddlers can sometimes lose or misplace their favorite toys, meaning you need to replace them quickly. Make sure the great baby doll you get is budget-friendly and replaceable.
  • Quality- You want to ensure the doll is safe and well-made. The last thing you want is for your child to put it in their mouth or rip off a piece that can pose a choking hazard.
  • Size– Make sure the baby doll you buy isn’t too big or complicated for your baby doll lover. Some dolls look great but may be too complex for a 1-year-old to operate alone.
  • Available Accessories- As your toddler ages, you may want to add different accessories to extend the playtime of the doll. Are there other outfits you can get, or do they have a pet?  Things like this will make the doll more interactive and exciting during pretend play.
  • Parent-Friendly–  Some dolls are made with lots of small pieces and accessories, while others require more parental involvement at first. Find a doll that is easy to play with and has simple features your child can start playing with right away. You also want to make sure it isn’t a doll the parent will have to constantly clean due to feeding ‘food’ or ‘wetting’ a diaper.
  • Diversity–  Make sure the doll you choose is diverse. A doll is a perfect way to introduce how various people are and that not everyone looks the same.

Top Picks of the Best Baby Doll for a Toddler

1. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love

Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12 inch Soft Body Baby Doll
  • BEAUTIFUL BABY DOLL: The Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12-Inch...
  • IDEAL SIZE FOR TODDLERS: Our Melissa and Doug Mine to Love baby is...
  • MULTIPLE HANDY FEATURES: Our Jenna baby doll features wipe-clean arms,...

Melissa and Doug offer a selection of baby dolls for 1-year-old girl that are perfect first baby dolls. They come with minimal features that keep your 1-year-old entertained without too many bells and whistles.

Their bodies are soft and cuddly, their arms are wipable, and they can suck their thumb or a pacifier to make the playtime experience more realistic. The eyes are also very detailed and can open and close, making them an aesthetically pleasing doll.

The Mine to Love Baby Dolls also comes in a darker skin tone or a boy baby doll. Great beginner dolls suitable for 1-year-old; then, you can get the additional accessories and outfits to continue the fun and expand their imaginative play when they get older. 

2. The New York Doll Collection

The New York Doll Collection 11 inch Soft Body Baby Doll
  • Free Doll Pacifier Included - Caucasian Soft Baby Doll With Amazingly...
  • This Baby Doll Is 11-Inches Which Makes It Easy For Small Children To...
  • These 11 Inch Play Dolls are Full of Personality. They Help to Create...

The 11-inch soft-body doll from The New York Doll Collection is the best 1st baby doll for young children. It has a realistic-looking vinyl head, arms, and legs to keep your 1-year-old happy when they are playing alone. The doll comes dressed in a onesie and a matching hat. Babies also come with different skin tones for diversity. 

The doll can be wiped down with a damp cloth when it needs cleaning, and the outfit can be machine washed. The soft body makes the doll easy to hug and cuddle, perfect for snuggling in bed. The safe design makes the best doll for your child. 

First Baby Dolls for your Toddler to Cuddle

3. Cre8tive Minds Plush Dolls

Basket Of Babies, Creative Minds Soft Baby Dolls Set
  • DIVERSE BABY DOLLS: A set of 6 multicultural dolls in a soft fabric...
  • ENGAGING DOLL ACCESSORIES: Each baby doll features a permanent cloth...
  • LEARN WHILE PLAYING: Children will fine-tune their motor skills and...

Soft body baby dolls are great first baby dolls because they are very light and easy to hold. It’s like having a stuffed animal, but it comes with the realistic features of a baby doll to promote nurturing role play. This set of soft body baby dolls comes with six culturally diverse babies. 

This bitty baby doll is great for hugging and squeezing. They each have permanently affixed caps with a matching removable sack dress. Help your child develop their fine motor skills and empathy, and inclusion at a young age with this basket of dolls. 

4. Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella

amazon box=”B01C3I4UQ6″ title”Wee Baby Stella 12 Inch Soft Baby Doll”]

Wee Baby Stella dolls are perfect if you want to buy more than one doll for your 1-year-old’s toy collection. You can buy this doll with different skin tones and as a boy option. They are made of quality materials with natural features and are soft for cuddling.

The clothing is removable and easy to take off and put back on. The doll has adorable embroidered facial features with fleece hair, and the pacifier attaches magnetically. Your child will love Baby Stella’s warm smile and open embrace. They are the perfect dolls for one year old girl or boy.

Baby Dolls for your Toddler to Play With

5. Haba Soft Doll Mirli

Haba 8 Inch Mirli First Baby Doll with Red Pigtails
  • Like All HABA soft dolls, Mirli is machine washable on cold. At just...
  • Mirli has an embroidered face with blue eyes, freckles and an impish...
  • Mirli's bright red hair is made of woven cotton with a stretchy feel...

Haba’s fabric dolls are a great choice if you’re looking for more petite dolls that are easy to transport and hold. The unique feature of the Haba dolls is that they have a bean bag bottom which gives them a weighted feel and allows them to sit on their own. The size and functionality make it easy for your toddler to play with everywhere without too many accessories.

The cotton hair stretches and bounces but will never tangle or get messy. The dress is removable and easy for toddlers to take off and put back on with the hook and loop fastener. These soft dolls can be machine washed on cold and will come out looking new every time. 

6. JC Toys La Baby

La Baby by JC Toys, 11 inch Soft Body Baby
  • A Gateway to Wondrous Adventures: Our adorable baby dolls will send...
  • They're a Perfect Fit for Petite Palms: At just 11 inches, this...
  • Resilient & Refreshable for Endless Play: Designed with love and...

The JC Toys La Baby is easy for young kids to hold. It has a soft body and is lightweight, making it perfect for cuddling and carrying. The baby comes with a pacifier and blanket. The baby is clothed in a sleeper that has velcro closures and a matching hat. 

La Baby is approved by the NPC, which is an independent testing program for the parent/child audience. It is also safety tested and BPA and phthalate-free.

This baby will inspire your child to have hours of imaginative play. The delicate facial features give the baby a realistic look. The outfit is removable, and the body is washable, so the baby always looks like new. This baby doll is available in other skin tones, ethnicities, and genders. 

7. JC Toys Berenguer Boutique

15 inch Soft Body Baby Doll with 10 Piece Gift Set
  • AMAZINGLY DETAILED SOFT BODY DOLL // 15" realistic caucasian soft body...
  • THE PERFECT PRESENT FOR CHILDREN 2+ // Packed in a wonderful gift set...
  • SAFETY TESTED AND APPROVED // Made with non-scented, BPA free, safety...

This soft body doll is simple and easy to play with. It’s the perfect first baby doll for your 1-year-old and comes at an excellent price for what you get. The versatility of this product is another reason it makes a good gift: you can buy outfits or other accessories online for this one, too.

This baby has a realistically detailed vinyl head, arms, and legs. The eyes open and close. The gift set includes a two-piece outfit, extra outfit, shoes, baby bottle, pacifier, rattle, and feeding accessories. This baby doll helps teach children nurturing play.

The soft body is perfect for cuddling and hugging. The size is ideal for carrying around. This toy would be the perfect doll for a young toddler expecting a little brother or sister soon, this baby looks like a real newborn, and it gives them a chance to learn how to take care of something. 

Baby Dolls for Toddlers to Hug

8. My First Doll

Soft Baby Doll by Dolls to Play
  • 12 Inch Soft Baby Doll – Ultra soft stuffed doll with polyester...
  • Soft and Cuddly – My First Doll is made of very soft plush body,...
  • Beautiful Gift – Make it your child’s first baby gift! The perfect...

This 12″ soft baby doll is super soft and snuggly. The clothes are sewn on, so there are no loose pieces to get lost. This makes a perfect first doll for babies. They will love cuddling the super soft fabric used to make the doll’s clothes. The face is made of soft-touch vinyl and has detailed features to help your baby develop their imagination. 

This baby doll is not only durable but made of excellent quality. It is meant to be cuddled and held tightly for years to come. The best doll for 9-month-old since they are so durable. They are machine washable and come out looking new each time. 

9. My First Baby Doll 

My First Baby Doll, 12 inches by Madame Alexander
  • My First Powder Pink: Dressed in a cozy outfit, this baby is a sweet...
  • Details: The pink fuzzy sleeper makes this doll perfect for snuggling;...
  • Love Is In The Details: Our baby dolls are made to be played with...

Here is another excellent choice for the first doll for babies. This one is cute and cuddly. The 12″ newborn baby doll has a soft fabric body that babies love to hug. It is easy for little hands to grasp and hold on to. The body and clothes are made with safe, non-toxic materials. 

The baby is washable, has a vinyl head and arms, plus painted eyes. There are three different skin tones to choose from. This doll inspires and engages your baby to have a safe and fun imaginative play. 

Interactive Baby Doll for your Toddler

10. Baby Alive Doll

Baby Alive Baby Lil Sounds, Interactive Baby Doll
  • Baby doll makes 10 sounds – this Baby Alive baby doll makes 10 real...
  • Reacts to play – playtime is special with Baby Alive baby Lil...
  • Recognizes her pacifier – she makes sucking noises when her pacifier...

Playtime becomes an interactive experience with this baby alive doll. The interactive doll makes ten different sounds, including giggles, cries, yawns, whines, and babbles. She responds to the pacifier when it is placed in her mouth and removed. 

The Baby Alive Doll also reacts to being laid down to sleep and picking up again. The outfit is You can purchase removable and extra clothes. Kids will have fun interacting with this doll during playtime. 1 AA battery is required and included. 

FAQ’s About Baby Dolls

1. At what age should a baby get a doll?

One year old is an excellent age for a baby to get a doll as a gift.  They are still reasonably young, but they are old enough to start playing with dolls.

2. What is the softest doll?

Soft Baby Dolls by Dolls to Play are made with babies in mind. They are cuddly and soft for a baby of any age. This makes them a great baby doll for babies and toddlers alike. Any baby doll lover will enjoy this doll.

3. What is the best doll for a toddler?

The best doll for a 1-year-old will be easy to play with; moving parts are something to look out for.  If you want more options and something interactive, check out the Baby Alive Lil Sounds Baby Doll. It has some great features your toddler will love. Interactive dolls make playtime for toddlers more fun.

4. What’s the best baby doll to buy?

The Melissa and Doug Mine to Love dolls are the best baby dolls to buy because of their realistic skin and face. There are also a bunch of accessories you can purchase separately for these dolls. This makes it more believable for your child to play with, making it a better choice than other brands.

5. What is the most popular doll?

The most popular baby dolls come from established brands or companies; they have a good reputation.  The finest example of this is the Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Dolls. They are durable yet have realistic features that babies and toddlers love.

6. Do toddlers need dolls?

Yes, toddlers need dolls just as much as babies do. It helps them learn about caring for something and can also help develop their motor skills.  At 1-year-old, your little one might not be strong enough to pick up dolls on their own, so find something they can easily play with, like any of the soft body babies mentioned above.

baby dolls for toddler

7. What ages are baby dolls for?

Baby dolls are for all ages, but the best age to get one is from 1-years old until they are four years old.  Some kids may enjoy them longer depending on the doll.


Purchasing the correct type of toy for your child is essential, but it can be challenging to know what’s best. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best baby dolls for 1-year-olds and toddlers.  These toys are great for dressing up, playing house, and will provide your child with hours of fun.

Features to look for when considering a baby doll for your baby or toddler are real-like skin, movable parts, and interactive features.  Most of these dolls have all of these qualities, making them excellent choices for your little one.

These dolls are not only beautiful gifts for a 1-year-old but will also provide many hours of fun and entertainment. We hope this list helps you find the perfect baby doll to buy today.

The Top 10 Best Baby Dolls for 1-Year-Olds