20+ Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Family in Person

The holidays are here, and you’re pregnant. You’ve already announced your pregnancy to your husband and now you want to announce your pregnancy with family members in person. But, how do you bring it up?

Most of us don’t have a lot of experience talking about this topic. We’ve never had to tell our parents or grandparents that we’re expecting before. It can be hard to know what words will come out of your mouth when the time comes.

Here’s some advice on ways to announce your pregnancy in person during the holiday season or any family get-together so that everyone is happy for you!

Pregnancy Announcement Gifts for Family

The best way to let the family know you’re pregnant is with a gift!

If you’re on a budget and need some help coming up with creative ways to announce your pregnancy in person without breaking the bank, then you can’t go wrong with the ideas below for the family. The present will be their first hint that they’ll be becoming grandparents soon.

1. Give Scratchers at a Family Party

At a family party, give the gift to everyone at once. Everyone will find out at about the same time without you even saying anything. Scratchers are a great gift to give. These scratchers have an extra surprise to announce your pregnancy. Everyone is a winner with these scratchers.

baby announcement scratchers
Set of 6 Pregnancy Announcement Scratch Off via Etsy
pregnancy announcement scratchers
6 or 12 Pack Pregnancy Announcement Lottery Tickets via Etsy
pregnancy announcement scratchers
Pregnancy Announcement Lotto Replica Ticket via Etsy

2. Give Gift to Parents at Family Dinner

You don’t have to give a gift to everyone at the family dinner. Give a gift to your parents or grandparents to open. If the question of when you may be having a baby is the topic of discussion at most family dinners, this is the perfect onesie to gift someone.

pregnancy announcement onesie gift
Baby Announcement Onesie Gift Box via Etsy

3. Personalized Wine Gift for Host

Bring the host of your family or friends gathering a bottle of wine with a personalized label. It will be fun to see how long it takes for them to notice. Or you can give a hint and tell them that the wine may need to age a bit longer, maybe nine months or so.

host gift for baby announcement
Pregnancy Announcement Personalized Wine Label via Etsy
gift announcement for family in person
Baby Announcement Wine Label via Etsy

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Grandparents 

If your grandparents have been around for a few decades, then they’ve probably seen their fair share of pregnancy announcements.  Grandparents-to-be will be so surprised and happy when you announce your pregnancy with these creative ways to tell it in person!

4. Bring New Decor to ‘Hide’ in the House

pregnancy announcement frame for ultrasound
Great Grandparents Pregnancy Announcement via Etsy
great grandparents established pillow
Great Grandparents Established Pillow via Etsy

The holidays are a great time to announce your pregnancy with grandparent gifts to show how excited you are about them becoming great-grandparents. Include a picture of your ultrasound in a cute card with one of these gifts for grandparents.

5. Pregnancy Announcement Card for Grandparents

pregnancy announcement card for grandparents
Pregnancy Reveal Card for Grandparents via Etsy
pregnancy announcement card
You’re Going to be Great Grandparents Baby Announcement Card via Etsy

6. Gift Ideas for Grandparents

great grandparents established mugs
Great Grandparent Pregnancy Announcement Mug via Etsy
pregnancy announcement gift for family in person
New Great Grandparents Established Ornament via Etsy

7. Present Grandparents with Reveal Onesie at Family Gathering

great grandchild onesie
First Great Grandbaby Custom Baby Reveal Onesie via Etsy

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Brother/Sister

If you’ve just told the family members closest to you, then it’s time to share your news with the rest of your siblings. Your siblings will be so excited for you and their upcoming niece or nephew! You can even have siblings help announce they are getting a baby brother or sister.

8. New Aunt/Uncle Gift Ideas

Give your brother and/or sister a special gift to reveal your pregnancy to them. This can be given at a family gathering, during the holidays, or a just because gift.

becoming an aunt and uncle glass
Friend’s Theme Aunt to Be/Uncle to Be Gift via Etsy
promoted to aunt and uncle gift
Promoted to Uncle/Auntie Baby Announcement Beer Can Glass via Etsy
personalized baby reveal mug
Personalized Aunt/Uncle Mug Gift via Etsy
new aunt and uncle ornament
Soon to Be Aunt & Uncle Ornament via Etsy

9. Promoted to Aunt Gifts

These gifts are great for your BFF and/or Sister that will soon become an Aunt. Some of the above gifts can also be personalized for just an Aunt or Uncle.

future aunt pregnancy announcement gift
New Aunt Gift for Soon to be Aunt Reveal via Etsy
promoted to aunt gift
Surprise Baby Reveal for Soon to Be Aunt via Etsy

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Parents

Your parents will be so excited to find out that they’re going to become grandparents!

10. Promoted to Human Grandparents Card

pregnancy announcement card
Dog Grandparents to Human Grandparents Announcement Card via Etsy

11. Hang Up a Grandparents Sign

One creative way to let them know is by giving them a sign. Put the words “grandparents” on it and hang it up around their house for everyone to see. You can do this at a family gathering and see how long it takes for them to notice.

12. Baby Reveal Box for New Grandparents

baby reveal box
Pregnancy Announcement Onesie Gift Box via Etsy
established grandparent golf balls
Grandparents Pregnancy Announcement-New Golf Buddy via Etsy
baby reveal box for grandma
Hello Grandma Pregnancy Reveal Box via Etsy

13. Pregnancy Reveal Gifts for Grandparents to Be

baby announcement mug gift
Pregnancy Announcement Coffee Mugs for Grandparents to Be via Etsy
established grandpa gift
Baby Reveal Grandpa Est Whiskey Glass via Etsy
pregnancy announcement gift
New Baby Gift Planter for Grandma via Etsy
ultra sound picture frame
New Grandparent Gift Custom Picture Frame via Etsy

14. Another Grandchild Reveal Gift

This puzzle is a fun gift for those parents that already have a grandchild. The puzzle reveals they will have another grandchild.

baby reveal gift
2nd Pregnancy Announcement to Future Grandparents via Etsy

Pregnancy Reveal Ideas 

If you’re planning a big family party, this is the perfect time to share your happy news!  There are lots of creative ways to let everyone know you’re expecting. Check out more fall pregnancy reveals.

15. Baby Announcement Puzzles

One way to reveal that you’re having a baby is with an activity or game.

baby reveal puzzle activity
Personalized Baby Name Surprise Announcement Puzzle via Etsy
baby announcement riddle puzzle
What Am I? Baby Reveal Riddle Puzzle via Etsy
Baby reveal riddle puzzle
What Am I? Baby Reveal Poem Puzzle via Etsy

Pregnancy Announcement at Family Dinner

A pregnancy announcement is a time to be with your family and make some fond memories while you can. The best way to do this is by sharing the news of your pregnancy in person.

16. Use Baby Themed Party Plates

baby reveal party plates
20 ‘Oh Baby!’ Eco-Friendly Party Plates via Etsy

17. Baby Themed Dessert

You could surprise everyone by bringing out cookies shaped like baby bottles, onesies, or other baby theme shapes for your family to eat after dinner.

You could give everybody cupcakes with baby theme decorations and frosting for them to eat after dinner.

Every family is different, so come up with creative ways to tell them about your pregnancy that will make it unique! Next time you make a new memory with your loved ones, be sure to hold onto it forever by scrapbooking or creating photo albums.

Pregnancy Announcement at Family Event

Do you have a big family event coming up, like a holiday party or birthday celebration?  Then this is the perfect time to share your happy news! Here are some ideas for announcing your pregnancy at family events.

18. Baby Reveal Birthday Gift

Give a card letting them know their real present is on backorder and give a cute Baby Announcement Onesie instead. These onesies can be customized to any recipient you want to give them to.

pregnancy announcement card
Birthday Pregnancy Announcement Card via Etsy
baby reveal onesie
Personalized Grandparent Announcement Onesie via Etsy
baby reveal onesie
Pregnancy Announcement Onesie, Hello Grandma/Grandpa via Etsy
onesie baby reveal
Baby Announcement Onesie to Grandparents via Etsy

Sneaky Ways to Announce Pregnancy

There are lots of sneaky ways to let your family know that you’re expecting.  One of the best ways is to wear a pregnancy announcement shirt and don’t say anything until someone comments about it.

19. Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

pregnancy reveal t-shirt
Pregnancy Announcement Shirt- Stuffed with Baby via Etsy
pregnancy reveal shirt
I Am Pregnant Hidden Message Shirt via Etsy

There’s no wrong way to go about this! And don’t be afraid to make it a family event. You can announce your pregnancy at a party or dinner; that way you have the extra support from friends and family members who will all be happy for you.

FAQ’s for Pregnancy Announcements to Family

1. How to announce pregnancy to parents who live far away?

If your parents don’t live in the same state as you, then wait until they’re visiting to share your happy news. But if you can’t wait until they come to visit, then there are lots of creative ways to tell them through a video or phone call.

After you tell them over the phone, send an email or letter with a photo of the ultrasound. Try timing it so they open the card or letter while they are on the phone with you.

pregnancy announcement card
Just a Little Note Pregnancy Announcement Card via Etsy
pregnancy announcement card by mail
Personalized Pregnancy Reveal Card via Etsy
hello pregnancy card
Surprise New Baby Pregnant Reveal Card via Etsy

2. How soon should I tell my family about my pregnancy?

Tell your family as soon as you feel comfortable to tell them. Typically people wait till they are about 12 weeks to tell a lot of people due to a chance of miscarriage. So, it would be best if you told the closest people to you first and as soon as possible, so they can help be your support system through your pregnancy.

You could announce your pregnancy at dinner, during a family gathering, or on the phone. Don’t limit yourself here, either! Your grandparents might not have an e-reader or tablet that they can look at online, so you can also print out the email message and mail it to them.

3. How to announce pregnancy to the family via text?

Text is a great way to share your happy news if you feel like you don’t want to tell everyone in person or if you can’t wait for them all to gather.

You could send the message straight from your phone, or you could get creative and attach an ultrasound picture of your baby. It’s up to you!

You can send a text that looks like a newspaper article with this personalized template.

pregnancy post text announcement
Newspaper Pregnancy Announcement Template via Etsy

4. How do I announce my pregnancy to my family?

The best way to tell your family about your pregnancy is by being honest and telling them in person. You could gather everyone for a party or dinner or have one-on-one conversations with them at different times.

5. How soon to tell your parents you are pregnant?

It’s best to tell your parents right away so they can get excited about the new addition! People usually wait to tell people till the chance of a miscarriage is less, but you want your closest support team by your side no matter what happens, so the sooner the better.

If you’re nervous about sharing, then sit down with them one-on-one for a casual conversation.  You could bring up your ultrasound pictures or give them a letter that you wrote.

6. How do you secretly announce a pregnancy?

Your options are endless! You could tell everyone at a surprise baby shower. Or, give them cookies shaped like baby bottles and frosted with baby shower frosting.  They might not understand at first, but once they realize that you’re pregnant, then they’ll be sure to congratulate you!

You don’t have to tell every person about your pregnancy. Sometimes it’s nice to keep it personal, like telling only one sibling or letting your best friend know before anyone else.


Try to be creative when announcing your pregnancy. There are many ways you can plan this-from sneaky, funny, or emotional approach. Ensure that you include everyone in the conversation and don’t feel pressured to wait for a specific event like a holiday party before telling people who may not live near you.

Family dinners or events are great opportunities to share your happy news with your family. You could also choose to tell close friends or siblings before you even announce it to your parents.  If you don’t get to see everyone in person, do it with a video chat over the phone. Don’t forget to send an email with the ultrasound picture attached so everyone can see it online.

There’s no wrong way to share your exciting pregnancy news with your friends and family members. Congratulations on your exciting news!

20+ Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Family in Person