Natural Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

One of the early signs of pregnancy is morning sickness. Get relief from your morning sickness. These natural homeopathic remedies for morning sickness worked for me, and they can also help end your daily suffering.

Morning sickness affects more than 60% of pregnant women. Despite the name, the symptoms of morning sickness can last all day. Read this post to find out when morning sickness starts during pregnancy.

With both pregnancies, I had morning sickness on and off all day. I tried so many different remedies to try to get some relief. Below I share the home remedies and tips that worked best for me.

How to Stop Morning Sickness in Early Pregnancy

1. Eat something before getting out of bed

Keep some crackers or pretzels beside your bed that you can eat before getting out of bed. Having something in your stomach before getting up can help curb nausea right off the bat.

homeopathic remedies for morning sickness; crackers in bed to prevent nausea

Then after a few minutes of eating them, get up slowly. Don’t rush into anything if you need to get up for work; set your alarm a little earlier to take your time getting up.

2. Get plenty of rest

In the first trimester, ensuring you get a good night’s rest is important. It may be necessary to take naps if possible during the day too. Your body is going through a lot of changes and needs rest.

home remedies for morning sickness, get plenty of rest; pregnant women sleeping

Getting plenty of rest can help alleviate some of the effects of morning sickness on your body. Make sure you don’t sleep too soon after eating something, leading to more nausea.

3. Avoid preparing food

One of the best ways to get relief from morning sickness is to avoid triggers. A lot of times, the trigger for morning sickness is due to your sensitive nose. One of the weird but common symptoms of pregnancy is that your sense of smell is heightened.

If you can, avoid preparing food. The smells tend to bring on nausea. Stick to cold foods like salads, sandwiches, or raw vegetables. If you have to prepare food, try to do bland foods without strong odors.

What foods are good for morning sickness?

Foods like baked potatoes, chicken broth with vegetables, pasta with cheese, and veggies are mild enough during morning sickness. When I felt like eating, one of my favorite meals was raw veggies with chunks of cheese.

4. Eat a little bit often

To avoid becoming nauseous or vomiting, eat before you feel hungry and stop eating before getting full. Feeling hungry or full can sometimes make nausea worse. Try eating something small every couple of hours.

Progesterone, a hormone that is increased during pregnancy, causes smooth muscles to relax. This includes your digestive tract, so food takes longer to digest during pregnancy. Smaller meals help you not feel overly full and nauseous.

What is the best thing to drink for morning sickness?

5. Drink lots of water

Avoid dehydration. It is best to drink water either 1/2 hour before or after meals instead of with meals. This helps your stomach never to be empty or too full.

Drinking water throughout the day can also help avoid pregnancy headaches, leading to nausea and morning sickness. Your body makes 50% more blood throughout pregnancy and needs those extra fluids to stay hydrated.

natural remedy for morning sickness

6. Sip tea with ginger or lemon

Both ginger and lemon are great home remedies for morning sickness. They can soothe an upset stomach and reduce nausea symptoms. I loved sipping on ginger tea with lemon. But, of course, it would help to have a bit of toast or crackers first thing in the morning.

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You can also suck, smell, or eat a piece of lemon to stop nausea caused by morning sickness. Ginger Ale is also a great thing to have on hand to sip if you already have nausea and don’t feel like anything else.

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What can I take for nausea while pregnant?

7. Preggie Pop drops

Preggie Pops or Preggie Pop Drops are one of the best remedies for morning sickness, especially on the go. They are lollipops or individually wrapped drops that help your queasy tummy.

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They come in many different flavors and are great to keep with you on the go when you suddenly feel nauseous.

8. Snack on watermelon

natural morning sickness remedy, foods to eat for morning sickness

Watermelon is a very refreshing snack that helps keep you hydrated and can reduce nausea. Cold watermelon was always my go-to, especially when the pregnancy hot flashes would start.

When do you call a doctor for morning sickness?

See a doctor immediately if your morning sickness becomes severe and you can’t eat or drink at all. This could lead to dehydration which could be dangerous for you and your baby.


Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms during the first trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes, you cannot do much, but trying these little tips can get you some relief. Once the first trimester of over, it’s the perfect time to make a fun pregnancy announcement like these fall-themed reveals!

Natural Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

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    1. Hi Kimberley,
      Yes, even smelling a fresh lemon helped me sometimes too. I still drink the lemon ginger tea if I’m feeling under the weather for any reason, makes me feel so much better.

    1. Hi Helen,
      Same here, eating small meals often definitely helped the morning sickness for me. Distraction is a great idea! I should have tried that. Lol.

  1. I had morning sickness for both my children and it’s just awful. I used some of these but others are new to me. I wish I’d known then about some of these ideas!

    1. Hi Erin,
      I agree morning sickness is awful. And it is something you really don’t realize how awful it is until you experience it yourself. So once I suffered through for my first I was determined to find things I could try for my next pregnancy. I finally figured out most of these during my second.

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