10 of the Weirdest Pregnancy Symptoms Ever


With pregnancy comes many different symptoms. Most of them are common and well known. But some are unheard of! Below I share some of the weirdest pregnancy symptoms I had that caught me by surprise.

One of the most common pregnancy symptoms is morning sickness. You are also bloated, tired, pee a lot, sleepy, have sore breasts, and maybe spotting. But what about the other pregnancy symptoms?

The ones that almost every pregnant woman has but you don’t hear much about. Below are all of those shockingly weird pregnancy symptoms that are very common but unheard of.

Just know that every pregnant woman is right there with you. If you are experiencing it, you can bet other mommas have too. They are just unspoken symptoms for some reason.

What are those weird but common pregnancy symptoms?

1. You can smell EVERYTHING while pregnant

A heightened sense of smell is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms, but no one really talks about it. But, unfortunately, you can seriously smell everything. And that is not always a good thing.

intense smell during pregnancy

This is what can bring on morning sickness. The smell of meat cooking for me would have me running to the bathroom. I could not stand it.

I could smell what my husband had for lunch right when he walked through the door sometimes. Sometimes it made me sick, but other times it would make me crave something.

This weird pregnancy symptom is due to your increased estrogen levels are responsible for your susceptible nose. It makes any scent seem intense.

I remember just walking by people sometimes, and it would make me so nauseous.

Their perfume or cologne would smell like the person bathed in it. Or they smelt like they haven’t showered in weeks when I am sure that neither was the case.

In any case, get ready to smell things you’ve never smelt before and more intense than you ever thought possible. Hopefully, not all smells make you nauseous, and you enjoy some of them.

2. Weird Food Aversions

Weird food aversions are common, but one of the less talked about weird pregnancy symptoms. We all hear about the weird cravings, but what about the foods you can no longer stand.

Not just the smell of them, but the actual sight of them.

For me, during my first pregnancy, I could not eat or even look at melted cheese. Melted cheese! How weird is that? I was fine with hard cheese, but I couldn’t eat it once the cheese was melted.

weird pregnancy symptom, food aversion

Anything that involved cheese that was melted would make me extremely nauseous. Pizza, grilled cheese, quesadillas, nachos, Mac and Cheese, and anything else you could think of that has melted cheese.

These are all things I loved, and now I could not even think of them without gagging. Thinking about it now, I still can’t believe it, but during my pregnancy, I didn’t even give it a second thought. It was my new normal.

Another weird aversion I had was sweets. Anything sweet was so gross to me. Anything at all. Syrup on pancakes, cake, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, if it was sweet at all, I didn’t want it.

Once I had my baby, of course, my sweet tooth came back in full swing, but during my whole pregnancy, I never wanted anything sweet.

3. The REAL reason behind the pregnancy glow

We have all heard of women’s pregnancy glow when pregnant; it is a common symptom. But what causes that?

Once again, hormones are the cause of the weird pregnancy symptom. The increased hormones cause your glands to secrete more oil. The extra oil causes your face to look shiny, like it is glowing.

You also are producing 50% more blood while you are pregnant. This causes an increase in blood flow. The increased blood flow in the face makes your face look fuller and flush.

So your pregnancy “glow” is due to increased blood flow and extra oil secretions.

Unfortunately, in my case, during both pregnancies, the extra oil made my face break out, and the increased blood flow made me look blotchy most of the time.

So count yourself lucky if the hormones are working in your favor and giving you a beautiful glow.

4. Flatulence

Another peculiar yet common pregnancy symptom is gas. And you have many factors contributing to the increase in gas during pregnancy.

Once again, your hormones are one of the causes. Progesterone is one of the main causes of your increased gas.

Progesterone causes your muscles to relax, which is helpful most of the time during pregnancy. However, it also causes your intestines to relax, which slows down digestion.

When food digests slower, more gas is built up. This leads to bloating, more burping, and flatulence.

Your prenatal vitamins are also one of the causes. The extra iron needed during pregnancy, usually present in prenatal vitamins, can cause extra gas.

Iron can cause constipation, and when you are constipated, you produce more gas leading to more flatulence.

It may be embarrassing at times, but it is completely normal. And believe me, other mommas know what you are going through.

5. EXTREME sudden hunger (in the middle of the night)

Sudden hunger is widespread during your pregnancy, especially once your morning sickness ends. And especially in the middle of the night.

Your body and baby are telling you loud and clear that they need more nourishment. Therefore, it is important to listen to your body when it tells you you’re hungry.

Just be sensible about what you eat. Even though you may feel starving, don’t overeat; this can lead to uncomfortable heartburn or even more gas build-up since digestion will be slower.

Eat small meals often to keep hunger at bay. Sometimes though, you will wake up in the middle of the night feeling ravenous.

Your baby is mostly active at night, so your body is going through a lot during this time too. So enjoy those middle-of-the-night meals.

sudden hunger during pregnancy

I remember my husband would wake up sometimes and find me with a huge sandwich in bed. I would take some sliced grilled chicken, pile on the veggies, all on a soft sourdough roll with extra pickles and pepperoncini’s.

So good! My huge craving during my second pregnancy was all things pickled. I couldn’t get enough. So I would add them to anything I was eating.

6. New found confidence in your body

Not sure if this is a weird pregnancy symptom or not, but it was for me during both pregnancies. I felt amazing and so positive about my body.

I am usually timid about my body and don’t like to wear too tight things and show my shape. But during my pregnancy, I would feel more than comfortable wearing maxi dresses that clung a little.

Or just leggings with a longer top. It might have been because that was comfortable too, but I felt good in it regardless. I was proud of my body and everything it was doing.

I was growing a human inside me, and it was the most amazing feeling. My confidence during both my pregnancies shined for sure.

Now, post two babies, I don’t have quite as much confidence. But, I always remind myself of what my body accomplished, and it makes me feel better.

7. You cry at the drop of a hat (literally)

This pregnancy symptom does not go away after pregnancy. It just morphs into mommy worry.

Once again, the increased hormones are the cause of the extra emotions during your pregnancy. Your body is getting used to the extra hormones, and this causes extreme mood swings.

Your mind is also trying to control the huge changes that are about to happen once you have a baby.

Your emotions are in high gear right now, which is why you cry at everything. I cried one day when I dropped a baby hat I was looking at in the store because I couldn’t even bend over to pick it up.

It turned into a rush of emotions about wondering whether I could do this and whether I would be a good mom. Every commercial that involved a baby would make me bawl.

And now, with two kids, anything sad that involves kids makes me cry. I think about something happening to my kids, and I get very emotional.

8. Weird vivid dreams

Vivid dreams are common during pregnancy. Your hormones are creating a lot of changes in your body.

Your brain is trying to process the extra emotions and anxiety you may be experiencing, and it does that with dreams.

When you are pregnant, you tend to remember your dreams more because you wake more. The baby moving around in the womb tends to bring you out of your deep sleep, and in turn, you become more conscious of your dreams.

Also, you are sleeping more and creating more opportunities to dream. The more recent a dream is to you when waking, the more chance you have of remembering it.

During my second pregnancy, I had a bizarre dream that I still remember vividly. I dreamt that my baby was in a kangaroo-like pouch, and I was able to bring my baby out to feed and cuddle, and then I would put it back into the pouch.

Once I put my baby back into the pouch, it would somehow seal back up, and the baby would continue growing. It was so weird, but it seemed completely normal to me when I remembered it after first dreaming about it.

weird pregnancy symptom

That was one of the strangest and real feelings of dreams I had about my baby. I think the meaning of it meant that I was scared to have my baby for fear that I couldn’t protect them once they were out of the womb.

Your brain creates many different scenarios reflecting your different emotions and anxiety during your pregnancy, and it can seem strange at first until you try to piece together the real reason behind it.

9. Easily aroused

Another unusual symptom during pregnancy you may be experiencing is an increased sex drive. This most likely will happen in the second and third trimesters.

During the first trimester, morning sickness tends to reduce your sex drive just because of how awful you feel. That is also a normal symptom.

But after that, the increased hormones, along with the increased blood flow around your vagina, amp up your sexual desire. The increased blood flow can heighten everything, making you easily aroused.

Don’t be surprised, too, if your vivid dreams turn out to be sex dreams. I’ve heard of some women even achieving orgasms just from their dreams. Talk about sweet dreams! LOL

10. Hot flashes

Here is yet another pregnancy symptom you can thank your fluctuating hormones for. Hot flashes are a common but odd symptom during pregnancy.

Hot flashes are actually caused by a decrease in estrogen, which can occur during the second and third trimesters and after you give birth.

This symptom is why pregnant women tend to crank up the AC and why it is extra uncomfortable to be pregnant during the summer.

Your increased metabolism also plays a role in your increased body temperature.

The joys of pregnancy

While many of these weird symptoms are just uncomfortable or annoying, there are many joys during pregnancy. The second trimester I found to be the most enjoyable.

During the second trimester, you are finally able to eat again and enjoy food. You are past the “is she just getting fat?” stage and have a cute bump to show off.

Maternity clothes finally fit like they are supposed to. You get some of your energy back and feel like being more active.

Plus, the afterbirth or golden hour is the best. Once you have your baby, all the uncomfortable moments you endured during pregnancy melt away.

It is so worth every second of pain and discomfort you felt once you hold that baby in your arms for the first time.

So good luck on your pregnancy journey. Be sure to enjoy all the good moments that happen; it will be over before you know it, even if it feels like a lifetime right now.

10 of the Weirdest Pregnancy Symptoms Ever

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