Cute and Festive Fall Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Looking for some unique pregnancy announcements? You’ve come to the right place! You will love these Fall Pregnancy Announcement Ideas. There are some flat lay ideas, pictures in pumpkin patches, adorable signs, and more! If this is your 2nd pregnancy, check out the fall pregnancy announcement with siblings.

These baby reveal ideas with the fall theme are great for announcing to your family that you are pregnant. Looking for great ways to tell your husband? Check out these 52 ideas for pregnancy announcements to husband.

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Fall Pregnancy Announcements

1. Personalized Onesie Flat Lay

This personalized onesie with the due date of the baby is adorable in this fall theme flat lay. This is perfect to send to your family or to post on social media. All you need is some fall decor around your onesie with the ultrasound.

fall pregnancy announcement
Personalized Onesie via Etsy

2. Fall in Love Onesie Flat Lay

This personalized onesie is the perfect fall onesie to announce your pregnancy. I love the pun and the fall decor on the checkered cloth used in this baby reveal for fall.

fall pregnancy announcement
Fall in Love Onesie via Etsy

3. Our Little Pumpkin Sign

This simple pregnancy announcement is so cute. The pumpkin hat is perfect for fall. The baby would be able to fit it for the next fall. Any letter sign would work with some fall decor like white pumpkins.

4. Daddy, Mommy, and baby pumpkin.

Carve out a pumpkin for mom-to-be and place a small pumpkin inside to represent the baby. Then add a letter sign “We’re expecting a treat” with the ultrasound and due date. Don’t forget the pumpkin baby booties and hat!

5. Mom-to-Be in Pumpkin Patch

Put the ultrasound on a pumpkin and stand in a pumpkin patch for a great picture to announce your pregnancy with.

6. Coming Soon Pumpkins

Pumpkins stacked up with Coming Soon, Our little pumpkin, and the due date. Blurred background with mom and dad kissing. This is a beautiful fall baby reveal. All you need is some foam letter stickers for your pumpkins.

7. We’re Expecting a little Pumpkin

A little different variation of the one above. We’re expecting, a little pumpkin, and the due date written on the pumpkins in marker. The expecting couple is blurred and kissing in the background.

8. Pumpkin on the way sign

Wooden letter sign with a cute rhyme and due date of the baby. Pumpkins with one carved and a small baby pumpkin inside.

Pregnancy Reveal Ideas for Fall

There are so many different ways to announce your pregnancy in the fall. The colors of fall create some of the best pictures. Pumpkins are cute props to announce your little one coming.

My daughter was born in October and one of her nicknames is Pumpkin. I did a fall-themed pregnancy announcement for her since she was due in October.

You don’t have to announce in the fall to do a fall pregnancy reveal. Here are some more fall pregnancy announcement ideas.

9. Daddy, Mommy, Baby Pumpkins.

Very simple fall pregnancy reveal but so cute. Line up different sized pumpkins with Daddy, Mommy, and Baby written on them.

pumpkin pregnancy reveal
Image Credit: Whitley Photography

10. Pumpkin with Due Date

A baby pumpkin with the due date of your baby and a cute chalkboard sign with a cute Halloween theme rhyme. “No Trick, Just a Treat! Our family is growing by two little feet!”

fall pregnancy announcement
Image via Pinterest

11. Adding a Pumpkin to Our Patch Sign

Cute chalkboard sign on a pumpkin with ultrasound announcing a pregnancy. The expecting couple is standing in a pumpkin patch blurred in the background.

This would make a great fall pregnancy announcement with siblings too. The older siblings could be in the background with mom and dad or sitting on a pumpkin next to the announcement.

pumpkin patch pregnancy announcement
Image via Pinterest

12. Family shoe picture

Mom and dad’s feet next to adorable baby shoes and a picture of the ultrasound. The festive backdrop and pumpkins with autumn decor create a festive fall announcement for your pregnancy.

fall baby reveal with pumpkin
Image Credit: Asha G. via Pinterest

13. Pumpkin with a due date.

I love the carved pumpkin in white with the baby pumpkin inside. Such a cute announcement idea for fall.

14. Adding a Pumpkin sign

A sign to announce another pumpkin adding to your pumpkin patch. The heart carved out of the mommy pumpkin and laying in front of the sign makes this reveal even cuter. I love the festive fall flowers.

fall pregnancy announcement, baby reveal
Pumpkin to our Patch Sign via Etsy

15. Thankful and Blessed Pumpkin

This white personalized pumpkin would be the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving to announce your pregnancy to your family.

baby reveal with pumpkin
Thankful and Blessed Pumpkin via Etsy

Sibling Fall Pregnancy Announcements

Here is some festive fall pregnancy reveals with siblings. These are perfect for announcing another pregnancy and involving your current children or fur babies.

16. Numbered Pumpkins with Siblings

Announcement of baby 3 with pumpkins. Each child holds their pumpkin with the number they are. Mom holds a smaller pumpkin with the number for the next baby. The picture was taken in fall leaves and vests to make this fall announcement so festive.

baby announcement with siblings and pumpkins
Image via Pinterest

17. Different size pumpkins with the year of birth.

This is a great way to announce another pregnancy. You can have multiple siblings involved. Each member of the family has a pumpkin in front of them and their year of birth written on the ground or on the pumpkin itself.

fall pregnancy announcement
Image via Pinterest

18. Big Sister or Brother Sign

This little girl is so excited to announce her baby brother with this announcement sign. It is a pregnancy and gender reveal in one. The cute blue booties are a great addition to the fall theme announcement.

baby #2 pregnancy announcement
Big Sister Reveal Sign via Etsy

19. Growing by two feet sign with a fur baby.

Great fall announcement with a dog. Announcing that the family is growing by two feet sign in front of your front door with fall decor. This would be perfect if you announced your recent puppy addition with a similar sign saying your family was growing by four feet.

fall pregnancy announcement
Halloween Baby Reveal Sign via Etsy

Twin Pregnancy Announcement

20. Adding to Pumpkin Patch

This pumpkin patch of 3 is not just adding 1 more pumpkin but 2 pumpkins to the patch since they are announcing twins with this pregnancy reveal sign. The pacifiers and baby hats on the baby pumpkins are too cute. I love the scarecrow props too for the fall theme.

fall twin pregnancy announcement
Twin Pumpkins to the Patch Sign via Etsy

T-Shirts for Fall Pregnancy Reveal

21. Don’t eat Pumpkin Seeds

When you are pregnant it can look like you are growing a pumpkin. Lol. This fall shirt is a cute way to show the world you are pregnant.

fall pregnancy announcement shirt
Pregnancy Reveal Shirt via Etsy

22. Something Good is Brewing

A baby is cooking in there! Tell everyone ‘Surprise, I’m cooking a baby!’ with this adorable shirt.

fall pregnancy announcement shirt
Pregnancy Announcement Shirt via Etsy

23. Couple Shirts – X-ray Reveal

These shirts show what may be in the expecting parents’ belly. Dad has some food and beer. And what does mom show? A baby! Great shirts for couples to wear to a Halloween gathering and announce to everyone you are expecting.

pregnancy reveal shirts
Baby Reveal Couple Shirts via Etsy

24. Baby Booties

Fall themed baby booties to take an announcement photo with. Perfect for a flat lay pregnancy announcement.

fall pregnancy reveal
Fall Baby Booties via Etsy

25. Fall Sign Sharing News

I love this festive fall sign with a rhyme to announce the baby. A cute sign you could include in any announcement photo.

pregnancy announcement for fall
Fall Sign, News to Share via Etsy

Have fun with your fall pregnancy reveal.

There are so many ways to announce the joyful news that you are pregnant. Fall is a great time to do your announcement. Pumpkins make great props for a baby metaphor. Not to mention the colors during the fall are gorgeous and the weather is usually cooling down.

Now that you picked out a pregnancy announcement idea check out these must-dos during your first trimester of pregnancy. Congrats on your upcoming baby!

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How did you announce your pregnancy in the fall? Tell me all about it. Share Below!

Cute and Festive Fall Pregnancy Announcement IdeasCute and Festive Fall Pregnancy Announcement IdeasCute and Festive Fall Pregnancy Announcement Ideas