52 Cute Pregnancy Announcements to Surprise Husband


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Congrats on your pregnancy! This is great news! Now you are wondering, ‘how do I announce my pregnancy to my husband?’ There are so many fun and creative ideas you can do to surprise your spouse with the happy news of your pregnancy.

For my first pregnancy, I was so excited to tell my husband I didn’t wait to plan a fun announcement for him. I ended up just blurting it out as we were about to go to bed. So I hope you can do better than I did and hold it in for a couple of days and do a cute announcement.

When should you tell your husband you’re pregnant?

Ideally, you want your husband to be the first to hear your pregnancy announcement. Then you can do another pregnancy announcement for friends and family.

If you end up taking a pregnancy test on your own and finding out before your partner these ideas for announcing it to your spouse are so special.

Haven’t taken a test yet but think you might be pregnant? Check out the signs of early pregnancy. These signs and symptoms could indicate your next pregnancy test will be positive.

Ways to tell your husband your pregnant

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement to Husband ideas

Is this pregnancy a complete surprise? These fun ideas are perfect for sharing the news with your unsuspecting husband.

1. Tell him with a T-Shirt

Wear a shirt announcing your pregnancy and see how long it takes your spouse to notice. You might have to end up asking him how he likes your new shirt. LOL.

surprise pregnancy announcement to husband
Baby In Progress Shirt via Etsy

2. Photo Shoot with a surprise Chalkboard Message

During a photo shoot, you each have a chalkboard to write a message or words to describe each other. You reveal at the same time and you capture the exact moment he finds out he’s going to be a dad. This is a great way to capture a special moment.

3. Paint Message on your belly

painting on pregnant belly
‘baby’ and baby feet painted on belly

You can paint some cute baby feet or a loading sign. Next time you lift your shirt, your husband will see the message.

4. Leave the pregnancy test out

Put the positive pregnancy test somewhere where he will see it and just wait. He’ll come running out to find out if it’s for real!

5. Surprise Message Coffee mug

Your husband will get an exciting message the next time he finishes his cup of coffee. At least he had his coffee first!

pregnancy announcement for new dad

6. Scratch off reveal

If your spouse likes scratchers, this is the perfect announcement. These look like the real deal and the winner reveals you’re having a baby!

pregnancy scratcher for husband

7. Message on the mirror

Write a message like ‘I’m Pregnant’ or ‘You’re Going to be a Dad’ on a mirror that they will see next time they shower and the mirror fogs up. First, make sure you clean the mirror really well with rubbing alcohol so there are no streaks.

Now dip a cotton ball or cotton swab in soapy water. Blot to avoid drippage and use it to write your message. Next time the mirror fogs your message will appear.

Pregnancy Announcement to Husband funny

8. Tell him with a book

Get some new reading material for the bathroom. Place these fun new dad books where he can find them. Or you can just gift him a new book.

9. A bun in the oven

Place a bun in the oven and then say ‘Hey guess what?! Look in the oven!’ If he doesn’t get it right away you can then be holding the pregnancy test behind your back to show him.

10. Bottle replacement with drink

Fill a bottle with his favorite beverage and the next time he asks you for a drink, hand him the bottle. His reaction will be priceless!

11. Order a diaper delivery

Order a box of diapers. Then ask him to get the box when they come. When they arrive he may just think it’s a mistake so then tell him ‘Yeah sorry it is a little early, must be the pregnancy brain!’ Lol!

12. Eating for 2 Bowl

The next time you have something to eat in a bowl, use this bowl that says you are eating for 2 and see how long it takes your spouse to notice.

pregnancy announcement to husband

Sweet Treat Pregnancy Announcements

13. Fortune Cookie

Order some Chinese food for dinner and sneak these personalized fortune cookies in.

surprise fortune announcement for husband

14. Ice Cream Spoon

Your husband’s next ice cream sundae will be the one he never forgets. Put this personalized spoon in his next sundae.

surprise announcement for husband

15. Bake a cake or cupcakes

Spell out we’re pregnant in frosting on the cupcakes or a cake and give it to your husband. Or get some adorable cupcake toppers and stick them in before serving.

announcement for husband with cupcakes

16. Chocolate Pregnancy Announcement

Get your husband a box of chocolates with a special message.

chocolates with pregnancy announcements

17. Donut Box Pregnancy Announcement

A box of donuts is the perfect way to reveal your pregnancy. Get a box of donuts and write a note telling your husband or family to eat up so you aren’t the only one growing a belly.

pregnancy announcement with donuts

Gift Idea Pregnancy Announcements for Husband

18. Pregnancy announcement to husband onesie

Get an adorable onesie telling dad-to-be how much he is already loved.

I love my daddy onesie

19. Give him a pair of baby shoes

Have him unwrap a tiny pair of baby shoes. You can use the shoes later for a cute flat lay announcement.

20. Tell him with his favorite beer

Create a custom beer label to put on his beers. When he pulls one out of the fridge he gets a surprise message.

21. Wrap the pregnancy test

Hand him a present. Inside is the positive pregnancy test. Make sure you get a picture or video of him opening it so you can capture his reaction.

22. Picture frame with the message –pic coming soon

Cute frame with a pic of the ultrasound if you have one already. If you don’t have an ultrasound you could put a note instead of a picture saying ‘coming soon’. This frame would be perfect if it is near Father’s Day!

pregnancy announcement to husband picture frame

23. Daddy Gift Box

gift box for pregnancy reveal

24. New Dad Survival Kit

25. Baby is the size of a …

Gift your husband a poppy seed or a blueberry or whatever is the size of your baby currently. Include a note saying congrats on your little blueberry (or another fruit).

Creative ways to tell Husband you’re Pregnant

26. A homemade card

If you don’t have time to wait, or can’t stand waiting to tell your husband, make a simple card with a funny or cute saying.

announcement card to husband

27. A shirt for dad-to-be

new dad shirt

28. Baby Theme Meal

Prepare a meal with a baby theme in mind. You could do spaghetti with Prego Sauce and baby meatballs. Or you could do some baby back ribs with baby corn and baby carrots.

29. We’re Pregnant Plate

Serve your baby theme meal on this plate in case the baby theme doesn’t tip him off.

30. A Personalized Puzzle

surprise you're a dad puzzle

31. Poem with flowers

pregnancy announcement for husband

32. Mini Letter

Announce your BIG news with a tiny letter in a Surprise package.

mini letter pregnancy announcement

Cute Ways to Announce your Pregnancy to your Spouse

33. Christmas announcement with Stocking

If it is getting close to Christmas you can include your announcement with your Christmas decorations. Hang up a small stocking next to the other stockings and see how long it takes your husband to notice.

baby announcement with Christmas stocking
Image Credit: Pinterest

34. Proposal will you be my baby daddy?

Mock propose to your husband with the pregnancy test asking if he will be your baby daddy. Use a bracelet box so that it is long enough to fit the pregnancy test.

35. Ring Box with the size of baby

You can also propose with a ring box with the fruit or seed that is the size of your baby with a sweet note. At 4 weeks your baby is the size of a poppy seed, 5 weeks an apple seed, 6 weeks a sweet pea, and 7 weeks a blueberry.

36. Save the Date

Create an alert in your husband’s phone that will go off telling him to save the date of the approximate due date of his baby.

37. Countdown Blocks

The perfect centerpiece to place in the middle of the table during your baby-themed meal.

pregnancy announcement countdown blocks

38. Clear a Shelf for Baby

Clear off a shelf in your husband’s closet. When he asks about it tell him you have to make room for the new addition coming.

39. Message in a bottle

pregnancy announcement message in a bottle

40. Sports Gear

Get a baby onesie in your husband’s favorite team. Or get a miniature version of the equipment from his favorite sport.

41. Piggy Bank for Baby Fund

Let your husband know to put any spare change in the new piggy bank fund you started. Surprise!

pregnancy announcement

42. Special Bookmark

Is your husband a big book reader? Get him a specialized bookmark with the year he will become a dad. Slip it into his current book for a special surprise.

husband pregnancy announcement

43. Under Construction Sign on door

Place a sign on the door you are expecting to use for the nursery. Then ask your husband to get you something out of that room to make sure he sees it.

husband pregnancy announcement

How to tell Husband Pregnant with Second Child

There are so many ideas for announcing 2nd pregnancy to the husband and the family. An adorable way to announce your pregnancy is to use older siblings. Check out these great ideas for sibling pregnancy announcements.

Pregnancy Announcement to Husband Second Baby

44. On Video

All of these ideas for announcing your pregnancy to your husband should be caught on camera if you can. Or you can just record him while you announce the Big News.

45. Big Sibling Shirt

pregnancy announcement

46. Big Sibling Book

This was how I announced my 2nd pregnancy to my husband. I had my daughter give her daddy a new book to read her. I wish I would have captured his reaction on camera, it was priceless.

47. New Netflix Account

Create a new avatar account on Netflix for ‘BABY’. The next time your husband goes to watch Netflix he will see the new account set up.

48. Announce with your First Baby aka your Fur Baby

fur baby pregnancy announcement

49. Spell it in Scrabble

Do you have a regular family game night? Time to break out the Scrabble. Put some tiles aside so that halfway through the game you can spell out ‘I’m Pregnant!’

50. Video Game Announcement Player 3 or 4 or 5 has entered the game…

51. Pepperoni message on pizza

Make a pizza he’ll never forget!

pregnancy announcement for dad
Image Credit: via caleriggs on Instagram

52. Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt with the pregnancy test at the end. This can be a great activity for dad and older siblings to do together.

pregnancy announcement fun
Image Credit: Pinterest

I hope these gave you a ton of inspiration for announcing your pregnancy to your husband. This is such a special moment, one you will treasure forever! Your family is growing and will never be the same, it will be so much better. Congrats again!

What was your husband’s reaction to the wonderful news? How did you tell him? Share below!

52 Cute Pregnancy Announcements to Surprise Husband52 Cute Pregnancy Announcements to Surprise Husband

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