The Best Toy Tow Trucks for Kids by Age

Toy Tow Trucks are a favorite of all ages. Finding the perfect toy tow truck for your tow truck lover can be hard. So, if a Toy Tow Truck is on your child’s list to Santa, we have a gift guide of the best toy tow trucks for kids and toddlers. Tow trucks are rescue vehicles ready for any job, so it’s no wonder why they are kids’ favorite.

These trucks provide imaginative and creative play hours while encouraging fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Whether you are looking for a realistic toy truck or a super durable one for toddlers, something is for all ages.

Toy Tow Truck Reviews

The Best Tow Toy Trucks for Toddlers

AGE: 12 months +

1. Plastic Toy Tow Truck by Wader Quality Toys 

Wader Basics Tow Truck

  • Noise Canceling Rubber Tires
  • UV Protected Plastic
  • Easy to Clean

The Wader Basics Tow Truck is fully equipped for all of your little one’s significant projects. This toy tow truck has a durable design made from high-quality and UV-protected plastic, so the colors won’t fade over time, even when left outside.

This truck’s uncompromising durability makes it perfect for toddlers and children 12 months to 5 years old. The knob turns to lengthen or shorten the arm, and you can raise and lower it. It can tow several different toys with a large lip or hole the hook can fit in. 

2. Toy Tow Truck Building Blocks by Lego

Lego Duplo My First Tow Truck

  • 11 Piece Building Block Set
  • Easy to build
  • Encourages fine motor skill development

The Lego Duplo Tow Truck is an easy-to-build Tow Truck that includes a car. The tow truck can rescue the vehicle over and over. This toy truck helps kids develop fine motor skills and increases their creativity by encouraging pretend play.

This toy tow truck is small enough to take anywhere to learn and play anywhere they go. The larger blocks make it safe for ages 1 ½ and above. 

4. Tow Truck Rescue Team by Hess

toy tow truck

Hess 2019 Tow Truck Rescue Team

  • Realistic chrome-look features
  • Realistic lights and sounds
  • The iconic green and white palette of Hess toys

The Hess Tow Truck Rescue Team is truly one of a kind. There are over 45 realistic lights and sounds. This unique gift will keep your child busy for hours. Their imaginations will run wild. The big rig has a flatbed tow truck, and the tow arm can manage any job your little one can create.

Hess Toys have been a favorite for all for over 50 years. This is the first time they have featured a tow truck in their lineup. Don’t miss out! For ages 12 months and up. 

Toy Tow Trucks for Preschoolers

AGE: 3+

5. Motorized Tow Truck Toy by Mighty Fleet

toy tow truck

Mighty Fleet Tow Truck Toy

  • Working Motorized Winch
  • Includes two traffic cones
  • Realistic lights and sounds

Toy Truck with a working winch. The truck has all the features of the real deal, including a motorized power winch. You can move the winch up and down for fun, realistic playtime.

It also has realistic sounds and lights, plus traffic cones. Great for ages three and up. Requires 3 AA Batteries, which are included. 

6. Classic Steel Tow Truck by Tonka

tonka steel tow truck

Tonka Steel Classics Tow Truck

  • Able to hook up two other vehicles
  • Built Tonka touch with real steel
  • Great for ages three years and up

The Classic Tonka Tow truck is made with real steel and ready for anything. The workable blade can take care of moving anything out of the, way including dirt, sand, gravel, and more. You can hook up and tow two other vehicles.

Perfect for kids age three and up. 

7. Tow Truck with Free-Wheel Motorized Crane Arm

tow truck toy

Dickie Toys 22″ Tow Truck

  • One car included
  • Manual winch and movable crane
  • Exciting light and sound effects

This toy tow truck has sturdy construction and a great attention to detail. This is the toy version of the real deal. It includes a small car making the play experience even more real.

Kids will have a blast assisting the car or other toys with the movable crane and using the winch. Due to some small parts, it is recommended for children three and older. 

8. Melissa and Doug Magnetic Car Loader 

wooden tow truck flatbed

This big wooden red rig truck has a magnetic arm to load and unload every car on its trailer. Each vehicle has a distinct color, stripe, and numbers to encourage counting, sorting, and sequencing activities.

The play and learning possibilities are endless with this colorful wooden truck set. Maneuvering the arm is great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It is constructed to last no matter how hard your little ones play.

Ideal for kids 3 to 6 years of age.  

9. Big Daddy Friction Powered Super Police Wrecker Tow Truck

toy tow truck

Big Daddy Police Wrecker Tow Truck

  • Two adjustable strings to pull a car
  • Friction powered, no batteries needed
  • Rugged steel design

The perfect toy tow truck for kids. There are two adjustable strings to pull a car, and it is friction-powered, so it will run when you roll it. Since it is friction-powered, no batteries are required.

The steel construction and realistic design make for hours of imaginative play. This truck is ready for any adventure your little one can dream up. It is recommended for ages three and up. 

AGE: 4+

10. Bruder MAN TGA Tow Truck with Cross Country Vehicle

bruder tow truck

Tow Truck by Bruder Toys

  • High-Quality ABS plastic
  • Crane can extend and swivel
  • Tilted cab with a view of the engine

This tow truck will delight any tow truck lover. It is the perfect toy for ages 4-8 years old and can be used for indoor and outdoor play. It requires 2 AAA batteries. The loading platform can be retracted and tilted to load vehicles.

The crane extends with the crank on the top and swivels a full 360 degrees. There is also an extending wheel lift that can be used as an alternative to towing the vehicle. The Cab tilts down, so you can look at the engine. The car itself also has moving parts to add to the fun.

11. Driven by Battat Micro Tow Truck

toy tow truck

Toy Tow Truck with Car by Battat

  • Ramp and pulley system
  • LED lights and sounds
  • Realistic, durable design

The Driven Micro Tow Truck has movable parts, including the truck bed, ramp, pulley system, cab doors, and hood. The detail and realistic lights and sounds make the imaginary play with this vehicle fun for kids four years and up.

A toy car is included that can load on and off the platform. Requires 3 AG13 batteries, which are included. 

12. Tonka Classic Tow Truck

tonka plastic and steel tow truck

Tonka Steel and Plastic Tow Truck

  • Sturdy realistic design
  • Four-position lift
  • Deep cleated tires

A toy tow truck that is built to last. Made with durable steel and plastic. It has a realistic design with a four-position lift that works. The deep-cleated tires can get through anything.

It is recommended for ages three years old and up.

Toy Tow Trucks for Kids Age 5 years and older

AGE: 5+

13. LEGO City Great Vehicles Pickup Tow Truck

toy tow truck

Pickup Tow Truck with a Car by LEGO

  • Working hoist
  • Includes accessories: wrench, hammer, cones, and more
  • 209-piece lego set

This Lego set features a tow truck with a working hoist and a car. There is also a motorist, a mechanic, and accessories—all you need for a roadside recovery service. Kids will love building this set and then playing with it for hours.

Great set for kids aged 5-12. 

14. Max Tow Truck Turbo Speed Truck

Max Turbo Speed Tow Truck

  • Can push, pull, and climb
  • Has over 50 phrases and sounds
  • Pull up to 200 lbs

Max is the most complex working tow truck around. He can push or pull any obstacle, up to 200 pounds! A turbo speed option gets Max where he needs to go faster than ever. There are also over 50 phrases, and sounds heard during playtime.

Max even climbs over small obstacles in his way. It is meant for kids six and older, but younger kids can enjoy this durable toy, too; leave out the batteries till they are older. It requires 6 C batteries; they are included. 

15. Double E RC Tow Truck Detachable Flatbed Semi Trailer

toy tow truck


  • Can
  • Has
  • Pull
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remote control tow truck

If you are looking for the perfect RC tow truck, this is the one! Officially Authorized by Mercedes-Benz Acros. The skew plate goes up and down with the press of a button. The remote control distance can range up to 98ft. 2 AA batteries are required, not included.

Kids can load and tow any vehicle they may have or play well with other construction vehicles such as the RC Excavator, Shovel Loader, RC Dumper, or the Lifting Crane. Recommended for the age of 8 years and up. 

Ride-On Tow Truck for Kids

Looking for a tow truck that your child can ride on? This Disney Mater Truck is sure to be a hit with your kid. This tow truck makes outdoor activities for your toddler a blast!

mater tow truck ride on

Kid Trax Toddler Disney Cars 3 TowMater Electric Quad

  • Push Button Acceleration
  • Safe Top Speed of 2mph
  • 6-volt rechargeable battery and charger included
  • Great for Ages 1 1/2 to 3 years old.
  • Maximum weight of 45 pounds.

FAQs for Toy Tow Trucks

What features should I look for in a toy tow truck?

  • Price
  • Details
  • Accessories
  • Durability
  • Moving Parts
  • Working Wench

These are great features to look for when buying a toy tow truck for your child. Price can vary depending on the realistic features the truck has. You want to be sure to choose one within your budget.

When deciding your budget, you need to determine the type of toy you are going for and its accessories. Age plays a huge factor when you are considering its durability of it.

If this is a gift for a baby to toddler, you want to ensure it is durable and doesn’t have as many moving parts. As a preschooler or older child’s gift, you probably want something more detailed and more moving parts. You may wish to include a working wench with a more detailed truck.

Are there any brands that are better or worse than others?

There are better brands available, depending on what you are looking for. Tonka is a favorite brand for toy trucks of all types. They are classics and very well made.

If you are lucky enough to find the Tonka Tow Truck, get it! Tonka is a durable brand that withstands sun, sand, water, etc., and still holds up. They are toys that kids can enjoy for generations.

Bruder is another excellent brand. Their attention to detail is impressive! I love how realistic their toys are while staying super durable and well-built.

Melissa and Doug are a favorite for all types of toys for younger kids. I love that their toys are all made of wood, making them durable. My kids love all toys they have by Melissa and Doug. Their toys are simple yet detailed and fun.

What can kids learn from playing with tow trucks?

Playing with realistic toys like tow trucks encourages creativity and imaginative play. All of the moving parts help their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Role-playing allows children to understand the importance of certain items.

Kids can see how essential tow trucks are in everyday life. They are rescue vehicles that can help any car needing help. Kids will have fun coming up with problems for their tow trucks to solve.


Kids of all ages love to play with tow trucks. Toddlers and kids can have fun with these tow trucks for hours. These trucks give kids a chance to role-play and improve their fine motor skills simultaneously. Kids love to role play with toys that mimic real-life, especially when rescue missions are involved.

You can get a tow truck with a working winch or a more durable truck for the younger kids. All of these trucks encourage independent play while enhancing playtime fun.

The Best Toy Tow Trucks for Kids by Age