Activities to do with Toddlers at Home

Being stuck at home can sometimes be challenging. Toddlers can get bored easily, and that can make them cranky. It can be difficult to devise fun activities for kids at home to keep your toddlers busy. If you are looking for great ideas to keep your toddlers busy at home, keep reading!

Whether you need things to do with a 3-year-old at home because of a school holiday, too much screen time, or the rain, we’ve got you covered. I have a bunch of fun indoor activities for kids at home that are so much fun and also encourage independent play and help hone fine motor skills.

Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers at Home

Looking for stuff to do with young kids at home? These activities make great rainy-day indoor toddler activities or fun ideas to keep your toddler entertained. By getting creative, you can easily find ways to keep your toddlers busy without relying on screens or other devices.

1. Build a Fort

This is something my kids love to do at any time. You can make it as big or as small as you want. Use pillows, blankets, chairs, tables, the couch… Essentially anything can be used to make a fort, even a cardboard box. My kids love just having a cozy space to play in. Kids are huge fans of anything out of the ordinary from a normal day. This activity not only keeps toddlers busy while building it but by playing with it afterward.

2. Bake Something

Baking is a great time to pass the time with younger toddlers. Sugar cookies would be an easy thing to bake, and then the kids can decorate them. My kids love to make banana bread once the bananas get too ripe to eat. Getting them involved in the kitchen can also help them to eat new things. Get your toddler a kitchen helper or learning tower so it is easier for them to be right in the action.

3. Build with Blocks

Depending on their age, you can build something with Legos or Duplo Blocks. Mostly my kids like building a tower as tall as they can and then knocking it down. Blocks can also be great for independent play. They may want to show you their creations but building something can keep them entertained for a little while.

4. Practice Letters or Reading

My daughter has been missing preschool lately, so we are trying to keep learning letters. Flash cards are great, or just finding things around the house that start with certain letters. You can also practice sight words with your kids and make a game out of it. Flashcards and letter-practicing workbooks make great gifts for preschoolers.

5. Read a Book

Reading is so important. Busy books that have flaps or things to find can keep toddlers and children occupied for hours. I make sure to read to them as much as possible. Check out your local library to see if they provide free books online when you can’t visit the local library.

6. Draw

Drawing can be done anytime. Get some colorful construction paper, crayons, markers, pencils, safety scissors, or whatever your kids like, and create a masterpiece with them. Your busy toddler will have fun drawing a picture for you.

7. Learn a New Skill

Think of a new skill you can teach your toddler. Lately, we have been practicing our scissors skills, counting things, and learning how to use chopsticks during dinner. My kids enjoy trying new things and feel so proud when they are able to do a new skill on their own.

8. Do Yoga

Yoga is a great way to keep the mind calm and get the body moving. None of us are very good at it, yet, but we are all trying the moves as much as we can and having fun. Yoga is a great way to keep toddlers busy and add exercise to your daily routine.

9. Arts and Crafts

Get craft supplies like pom poms, googly eyes, sparkly glue, etc., and create something. Paper plates are an excellent canvas for creating a cute holiday project. Crafts are also a great way to keep older kids busy. You can show them a template of something to make or come up with a theme of something to make.

10. Dance Party

Get moving and DANCE! You may end up dancing to “Let it Go” 20 times, but the kids have a blast dancing around. Try teaching them a new dance.

11. Scavenger Hunt

This can be the perfect activity to practice shapes, colors, and letters. Have your toddler find things that are red or are in the shape of a square. Search around the house for all sorts of shapes hidden in objects.

12. Science Experiment

Get your toddlers learning about science. There are some fun kits you can get like this one or you can experiment with some things you might already have. For more ideas check out these 30 Activities for Preschoolers by Fun Learning for Kids.

13. Visit a Museum Virtually

My son loves planes and anything that flies, so we were so excited when we found this tour online. He loved it!

14. Watch Live Web Cams of Animals or Aquariums

Check out these zoos’ and aquarium’s webcams. You can watch the animals live.

15. Make Something Out of a Box

From spaceships to race cars, boxes can turn into anything. With all the online ordering we’ve been doing, we have had a ton of extra boxes around, and my kids love to make things out of boxes and decorate them.

Easy Activities for Toddlers At Home and Outdoors

These toddler activities to do at home can be done outdoors for some much-needed fresh air. Toddlers and preschoolers will love them.

16. Make Pet Rocks

If your kids don’t already have a collection of rocks to use, you can start by taking a walk to gather some. Then you can use paint or markers to put cute faces on them. These paint markers are great for pet rocks.

17. Paint a Flower Pot

Have your toddler personalize a flower pot, then plant some seeds or flowers. It can be a nice gift for a loved one once you visit someone.

18. Create a Garden

Toddlers love digging in the dirt. Start a garden with them. They will love to try the foods that they helped to grow. You can use scraps to start a lot of your garden. You can grow from scraps: lettuce, celery, green onion, fennel, ginger, and other root vegetables.

19. Sidewalk Chalk

Decorate the driveway with sidewalk chalk. Draw a hopscotch to practice numbers.

20. Go on a Nature Walk

Talk a walk and look at all the trees, flowers, birds, and bugs along the way.

21. Hula Hoop

Get moving outside by giving the hula hoop a try.

22. Jump Rope

Teach your toddlers how to jump rope. Older kids can even learn new tricks with the jump rope.

23. Play Tag

My kids love just running in circles and trying to tag each other. A lot of the time I am “it” and chase them all over, pretending to try to tag them.

Games and Activities for Preschoolers at Home

Preschoolers have a world of games and activities to explore. Not only do these activities help develop physical skills such as balance and coordination, but they also encourage problem-solving abilities and promote social-emotional learning. Whether playing with blocks or pretending to be superheroes, preschooler games and activities provide endless opportunities for children to discover their interests while having fun.

24. Dominos

25. Matching Games

26. Puzzles

27. Candy Land

28. Cards

29. Bowling

30. Ring Toss

31. Bean Bag Toss

32. Parachute Games

Parachute games were a favorite of mine when I was younger. These games are sure to delight any child. You can do a smaller version with the family or neighbors. I can’t wait to set up a play date to do a full version with my kids and their friends. Check out the full post on parachute games in the link above.

33. Additional Toddler Games


There are plenty of ways to keep toddlers busy at home without resorting to screens. Depending on the age of your child, different activities will be more appropriate. For example, young toddlers might enjoy simple sensory activities like exploring different textured materials or singing nursery rhymes. Older toddlers might enjoy playing with simple puzzles or block toys or engaging in make-believe play. Many of these activities are great for entertaining kids and having quiet time.

Preschoolers have so much potential for growth, and the games and activities available to them allow them to explore their interests in a fun way. With such an array of options, it’s easy to keep your little one occupied with something new daily. Whether you choose structured activities, sensory play, or free play time, don’t forget that these moments are just as important for adults too! Being able to spend quality time with our children is priceless; use this opportunity wisely by engaging in meaningful conversations and enjoying every moment together.

Activities to do with Toddlers at HomeActivities to do with Toddlers at Home